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This kid sounds deeply disturbed.

Maryland Teen Planned To Kill Parents, As Many Classmates And Teachers As Possible

A potential school shooting was averted last weekend when police arrested a teen who had planned a Halloween attack on his school but was forced to reschedule after he forgot his bombs at home and couldn’t fire his gun because he was too drunk…

Via NY Daily News reports:

The Maryland teen who planned to shoot up his school but was too drunk to pull the trigger also wanted his parents dead, police said.

Sash Alexander Nemphos, a sophomore at Baltimore’s George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology, planned to attack his school on Halloween, but forgot to bring his homemade bombs to school and drank too much whiskey to use the gun he packed, police said.

In a police interview, the 16-year-old said he wanted to kill his parents, too, WBAL-TV reported.

Nemphos said he planned to shoot his parents with his father’s gun. Then, he would drive to school and shoot the campus cop so he could steal his gun and ammo, he said.

After that, he’d storm the school with the two guns and three crude, homemade bombs and kill as many students and teachers as possible, police said.

He detailed the plan in a journal, police said. When officers found the notebook, they disovered it also contained a suicide note.

The sophomore also told cops he was bullied for years. While he repeatedly told is teachers about the abuse, they never did anything to stop it, he said.

He planned to make the attack on Oct. 31, he told police, but when he showed up to school without the bombs and with too much whiskey in his system, he rescheduled the plot for Monday.

We’re glad he wasn’t able to carry out his plan, but what happened next showcases how this kid just took his craziness or stupidity or whatever to the next level. Homeboy ended up getting arrested for STEALING over the weekend and police found out his plans for the coming Monday!

But over the weekend, Nemphos was arrested over the weekend on unrelated car break-ins, stopping the planned Monday rampage.

While police questioned him about the stolen goods, he admitted to the school shooting plot.

Nemphos faces a slew of charges: dangerous weapon on school property, theft and handgun possession.

He was charged as an adult and is being held without bail.

Bullying sucks but murder just takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Were his parents bullying him as well?



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