Twelve Hours of Slavery

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Now everyone can live out their slavery fantasies. Ron and Carla Bluntschli are hoping to launch Memory Village, an “amusement” park where visitors will live through the slave trade.

For twelve hours, you can experience being kidnapped, chained and sold on an auction block. They are even offering an opportunity to participate in a rebellion. Not cool at all. Is rape, castration, and lynching included in the package?

More pics of the creators under the hood

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    bumbo clot

  • Zahra

    WTH????????? What’s next a Nazi camp???

  • ChocolateChipCutie

    Re-damn diculous! People in this world are gettin more ignorant by the minute

  • MyLittlePony

    I am really offended by this…IGNORANT!!!

  • J Breezi Keeps It Ez

    And so 2008 begins again with people getting racially out of pocket, and apparently this “theme park” will be located in Haiti, the site of the first successful black rebellion and first black republic. Are u serious? If you really want to bring attention to the history of slavery, how about helping the African American museum, how about fighting for reparation.

    Obviously bastards are born everyday and these people are just examples of some of them.


    You have to be kidding me

  • bree

    my haitian people will kill yt..the j’aspora does not play..damn what is with all this upfront racism?

  • Roe ski love

    Who in their right mind would want to relive slavery. After the expierence, do you now go out and tell the world you now know how it feels to be a slave. Plus I don’t think they had violins and guitars during that period. It looks like a rent party to me!

  • 504 ain't got nowhere 2 go


  • vjhe

    Well apparently all they have to do is advertise it as a experience that will give them ‘HOPE’ and people will fall in line like cattle.

  • Re

    Wow! So um….museums aren’t enough? They all look like a bunch of hippie drug addicts anyway. They probably think this is normal. SMH….

  • PaigeyWaigey **MJB is Free, let the church say Amen** Still BONES #1 Stunna!!

    I say we all go and do a Nat Turner on they asses!! Problem solved.

  • Niki

    This is beyond ridiculous. Who do they think they are? It’s unbelievable that they are so stupid they would even release an idea like this to the press. That is, after having the audacity to even think it up. What frickin’ idiots.

  • SBM...A.K.A. Dirty Laundry...A.K.A. Where the white girls at?

    White people have compassion and respect

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Yes, it they’re going to have Slavery — they should also include Nazi camps and Japanese concentration camps… everyone should be able to partake in those trecherous experiences, huh???

    Let’s continue to drege up those (for some) already ancestrial wrong doings that still anger some of us to this day!!!


  • PaigeyWaigey **I got a Jones in my Bones** BONES #1 Stunna!!

    Somebody is smoking too much Hash…

  • Bird

    Call me crazy, but I would kill to experience this. I have visited plantations and get a feeling of eurphoria at the fact that my ancestors lived and worked there. I look at the acres of surrounding trees and imagine them trying to escape through them, but knowing they couldn’t get anywhere.

    One plantation I visited still had the house negroes quarters standing because they were made of brick. The were considered luxury quaters for slaves and were reserved for skilled slaves, but they didn’t have doors or windows. Another one I went to told us how the doorway floor outside the dining room had been dented in (you could see it) from the slave server standing there day in and day out for every meal.

  • Stringer Bell

    Typical weed dread white people who want to be down with the blacks that they think that this is somthing good…

    Just cause ya’ll pink backs got them dirty ass dreads your still not black…go pay your taxes hippie!!

  • dayg715

    LMAO this story is so outrageous, i couldn’t help but laugh at this. i agree with someone up here who said “what’s next? a nazi camp?” SMH to the 10th power!!!

  • Anonymous3

    what in the sam hill He*$!!!!!….I think that Senator( or whatever his title is) Caroll should be enrolled in this…except when everyone shuts it down and leaves after the 12 hours is up leave him there..

  • helltothanaw

    PaigeyWaigey **I got a Jones in my Bones** BONES #1 Stunna!!

    Somebody is smoking too much Hash

    ^^^ LOL!! Hell I don’t think its just Hash, they sprinklin’ a little crack and PCP up in the mix too..SMH

  • universalbliss

    this must be the most ignorant shyt ive heard so far… only white people…

  • Re

    Wow, and since we’re all talking of having Nazi and Japanese concentration camps, maybe we should relive the Native American “Trail of Tears,” as well.

  • Stringer Bell

    I’m about to Wesley Snipes out of the 20TH floor of this office building looking for these fools..

    Run up on em like Rambo and straight jam both of yall….but I chilled

  • Lady Architect

    pure ignorance!….I hope they take a great insurance policy out for that place…I guarantee it won’t last longer than a year…someone will torch the place.

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