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Here is a ‘photoshoot’ of Prodigy going through phases of rolling and lighting up a blunt.

Fill in the Blank: Prodigy is getting blazed because _________________.

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  • Ttime

    His career is over and he needs to drown his sorrows.

  • Stringer Bell

    Dirty ass Prodigy!!

    Yall stupid for posting this one.. for real!

  • Fly Young Lady

    lol he looks like jim jones in the first pic

  • PHILLY DA BOSS inda434

    fly young lady….whatsup wifey lol

  • Kimy

    becoz it is a routine especailly for unemployed young men


    dang i used 2 find dis lil dude attractive now he look like a leprecorn shyt he dont age well havoc still alright though but danm prod wtf happened lol

  • rachel

    don’t know him . Who is he , what is he famous for?

  • maaly

    why not take one to the head

  • reality

    >>the judge said “smoke ’em if you got ’em!!”

  • keeps it more realer

    Cause burnin el’s aint no thing….

  • simone

    why the hell not?

  • sho nuff da stuff

    Why are you guys trying to ruin this man? Where’s your “normal posts” of who’s gay, pregnant, hooked on drugs, swirl couples, BEYONCE & JAY, Making it Rain on them hoes…etc…

  • sho nuff da stuff

    Weed is not a drug, it’s a veggie…light it up and the aroma is hypnotizing

  • im so pretty


  • jen

    he will need his hands to pull on other things

  • Jazzy

    He’s horrible

  • Jazzy

    I wouldn’t doubt if it wasn’t laced with crack@ im so pretty..

  • Bronx Brawler

    He knows that in Downstate he’ll get washed up by dudes who just got hit with 20, 30, life with nothing to lose.



  • Gurrrrllll Stop playin!!!!

    Because it’s “Friday”, he ain’t got no job and sh*t else to do…lol

  • yes

    ^^^exactly what i was gon say lmao

  • Brenda

    Just about every artist on G-Unit have serious problems. Most of them have had trouble with the law. It seems like you have to have been to jail or been in some kind of trouble to be on that lable like a form of hazing.

  • trippn

    b/c sickle cell hurtz ouch!


    “Bcuz hes going to prison and they dont have that good ish upstate” I think he already turned hisself in

  • Supercent

    Cause his ass is going to jail and he want to act like he’s 16 years old by having a knucklehead photo him while he’s doing this. SO FREAKIN STUPID!

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