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Yesterday we posted about Bey’s diva behavior in Vienna when she sent over a look-alike to attend a high art museum tour while she was out shopping. We’ve got the dime on the real ish that went down. This celebrity look-alike was hired to hoax the museum and stir up some scandal. Pop the hood for more

The Albertina Museum in Austria got an exciting call on Tuesday: A manager for Beyoncé Knowles said that the star was on her way over.

“We have had Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage visit here,” says museum press officer Verena Dahlitz. “So this was not big news for us – to have celebrities visit.”

Thirty minutes later, a stretch limo arrived and a sunglass-wearing woman stepped out surrounded by five burly bodyguards. Museum officials were immediately skeptical. “She was too thin for Beyoncé,” says Dahlitz. “I thought she had probably lost weight.”

Still, the museum director gave the woman a VIP tour. After all, there were screaming fans outside, and officials assumed that she was just one of those stars who look different in person than they do on television. Later, the museum learned that the woman actually wasn’t Knowles, but an impersonator sent by a local radio station, Krona Hit Radio.

“We were fooled,” admits Dahlitz. But the museum is taking the prank in stride: “We must be the most important museum in Vienna,” says Dahlitz, “because they chose us.”

A rep for Knowles could not be reached for comment

Damn Bey, you know you’re big when someone pulls a prank using your name and image and you still come out on top.


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  • Hannibal

  • whoozdat


  • Black Beauty

    Get real, this chick looks nothing like her. This chick would not fool Stevey Wonder.

  • biracial bombshell

    LMFAO @ Black Beauty. That’s HILARIOUS!

  • Hannibal


  • Brooke: The Chocolate Godess (Ebony and Ivory back together again!)

    Uhh Hanni!

    I said a Bey post….starring Bey u FOOL! u just tricked me… gosh I am dumb…lol

  • SuperStatusC
  • mild sauce head of my own tradition ™

    white folks do it all the time.. juliaroberts , Sharon Stone all of them!!

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • @ Da Poet

    How the hell wuld anyone be confused or mistake that creation for Beyonce?!?! LOL Come on now…the look is NO WHERE near the same in any way! lol

  • Brooke: The Chocolate Godess (Ebony and Ivory back together again!)

    @Glok9n: The real glok !!!



    Don’t call me no JACKASS..LMAO

  • Passion8_1

    I agree with others, they deserved to be fooled … that chick looks like trash…

  • dayg715

    well, since her concert there barely filled half the arena, i guess she has to do something to drum up ticket sales.

  • Moreaces

    She does not look at all like Beyonce, give me a break, and Some of these celebs need to get over themselves… This women looks like she was hitting the pipe before she got out her “stretch Limo”

  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    Correction: Thats JZ’s imposter.

  • yessir

    ARE THEY HIGH? she looks absolutely nothing like beyonce.

  • LawdhavMercythisshitis real

    SASHA FLOP just stop it
    keep doing u Bey … luv the cd got my Box seats for June26 philly show luv my bey

  • Lady I

    She needs to eat a few buckets of Beyonce’s beloeved Popeye’s chicken and fix that weave before she could even come close. I’m in shock!

    LMAO @ everyone’s comments!

  • B'More

    she actually looks better than beyonce’s fat ass.

  • LawdhavMercythisshitis real

    omg bey is not fat lawd have mercy save me now …

  • Smells Like White People

    Maaaaan, white people are foolish.

    Shades- check
    Weave- check
    2 ho ho eating cousins to be my bodyguards- check

    Bout to hustle some white people for some free shit. You can call me Tyra B. Bankin off white hoes.

  • ImposterBitches

    b is becoming wacker by the minute

  • lovexgame

    lmao wowwww . that trick is wayy 2 skinny 2 pass for BEYONCE . come on now

  • Octavia

    Those Austrian folks must think all colored people look alike, because that chick looks NOTHING like Beyonce. She looks like a very skinny J.Lo at best.

  • mel

    Beyonce time is slipping away lets see how many more pranks she has to pull to stay in the spotlight this is basically how she has made her career, no substance

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