Hide Ya Weaves: Black Twitter Tracks Down & Drags Serial Weave Bandit

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Black Twitter Vs. The Fearless Weave Thief

So, apparently, there’s a serial weave thief scampering around Detroit with stolen luxurious weaves that most women would kill for (no, seriously). Aside from being broke, lumpy and ashy, we’re not sure why she’d risk her freedom for hair extensions but Black Twitter dragged her straight to Hell by her stolen weave in yet another classic internet moment.

Hit the flip for the very best of Black Twitter vs. the serial weave bandit.

Do you know this fearless Yaki bandit? Well, now you do, and should probably hide your weave, weave ponytail, quick weave, eyebrow weave or lacefront if you ever spot her.

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    Let me live? The sheer audacity of this weave-smuggling Oompa Loompa.

    At this point, one of two things will happen: She’ll be confronted (because her address was posted on Instagram) and possibly de-weaved (violently) or likely arrested for theft. Either way, stay tuned.


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