Get Yours: 13 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Win On Black Friday

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13 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Win On Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up and it’s guaranteed to be a big deal as usual. We know it can be stressful, so we have a few ways to guarantee you’ll come out on top on Black Friday. Trust us, we got you covered.

Set A Budget – Don’t go in trying to buy three TVs if you only have $200 in the bank. Start saving early and set a strict budget (with a few extra bucks for nick knacks that might catch your eye).

Scout Beforehand – Make sure you take a look at all the Black Friday deals beforehand. See what stores have what you want and who has the best prices. Then go from there.

See How Good A Sale You’re Actually Getting – After you see something on a Black Friday ad, check it out on other sites and stores to see what it’s regular price is. If you’re not getting that great of a deal, it’s worth it to just wait.

See Who’s Guaranteeing Items In Stock – You don’t want to fight people off or feel the need to rush, so find out who’s guaranteeing items in stock. We know Wal-Mart does that for some items, so if they sell out within the hour, they’ll back order it for you. Those are the places to go to first.

Don’t Go Shopping On Thanksgiving Day – Don’t do it. We get that sales are sales, but going on Thanksgiving means that 1) you’re willing to cut in on family time to go shopping and 2) you’re allowing companies to think it’s okay to have people work on Thanksgiving. Not okay.

Don’t Wait In Lines – Trust us. It’s never worth it to wait in lines. You’re cold. You’re miserable and nothing you buy will make you feel better about your terrible day.

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    Hit Up The Free Meals – Black Friday is a big day for discounted store items but restaurants also have tons of discounts for the big day. While you’re out, grab a free kids meal or something.

    Walk It Out –Traffic on Black Friday is the absolute worst. You do not want to be driving all over the place, so if you can find a shopping center or area that has most of your stores, park there and walk. It’d be a good way to work off all that turkey.

    Keep Your Smartphone Buzzing – When you go to the store, if you see something you want but it’s sold out, hit up your smartphone and see if they have it available online. Also, stores are doing pop up sales all the time online.

    Ask If They Have Something In The Back – Always, always, always ask if they have extras in the back if you don’t see what you want up front.

    Set A Time Limit – Remember, this is still the holiday season and you want to relax. So say you’re going from 6am to noon. Set your curfew then go home and chill.

    Have Fun – Dont’ freak out if you miss out on a deal and don’t get what you want. It’s okay. Enjoy yourself and release some of that stress.

    Wait Until Monday – Cyber Monday sales are just as big as Black Friday sales and you can do it while sitting on your butt. Nothing wrong with that.

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