Humble Beginnings: 14 Millionaires Who Started As Interns

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14 Millionaires Who Started As Interns

You may think the road to fame is easy, but these celebrities got their starts as interns, working their ways to the top. Take a look at these celebrities who started as interns.

Diddy – He was an intern at Uptown Records working under Andrew Harrell before blowing up.

Anderson Cooper – He was an intern for the CIA…though he was born rich.

Spike Lee – He was an intern at Columbia Pictures after finishing up at Morehouse.

Mindy Kaling – She got her start as an intern on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien.”

Bill Gates – He was a senatorial page at age of 17.

Tom Ford – He was an intern with Chloe before moving on to other gigs.

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    Oprah Winfrey – She started as an intern with a Tennessee news station to start.

    Tom Hanks – He interned at the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland to get his start.

    Steven Spielberg – He was an intern at Universal Studios in high school.

    Conan O’Brien – He was an intern for the House Of Representatives.

    Brooke Shields – She had an internship at the San Diego Zoo.

    Steve Jobs – He was an intern at Hewlett-Packard at the age of 12 after messaging the company’s CEO.

    Donald Glover – He was an intern at Comedy Central before blowing up.

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