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Livesteez just reported that President Barack Obama spoke to the nation about his first 100 days. He thinks he is doing a good job…so do we:

President Obama said in a press conference Wednesday that his first 100 days in office was a “good start,” but cautioned that he and the nation face further challenges in the days to come. In his speech the president pointed out his intentions to boost the economy and applauded Congress for approving his 2010 $3.4 trillion budget. “I am proud of what we have achieved, but I am not content. I am pleased with our progress, but I am not satisfied,” he said. “[This is why] you can expect an unrelenting, unyielding effort from this administration to strengthen our prosperity and our security – in the second hundred days, and the third hundred days, and all the days after.”

During his presidential campaign, the then Senator made lofty promises of bipartisanship and expressed his desire to communicate and collaborate with his Republican counterparts. “To my Republican friends, I want them to realize that me reaching out to them has been genuine,” Obama said at his 100th day in office press conference. “I can’t sort of define bipartisanship as simply being willing to accept certain theories of theirs that we tried for eight years and didn’t work and the American people voted to change.”

Obama has faced heavy scrutiny and endured harsh disapproval from Republicans who believe that he hasn’t been reaching across the aisle. However, his budget proposal was swiftly passed through both chambers of Congress on Wednesday with next to no GOP support. His economic stimulus plan was approved with a meager three Republican votes from the Senate, according to CNN. Reflecting upon his first 100 days in office, Obama said he is “sobered by the fact that change in Washington comes slow.” He argued, “that there is still a certain quotient of political posturing and bickering that takes place even when we’re in the middle of really big crises,” he said, adding that he’d like congressional members to take a “let’s take a time-out on some of the political games” approach. Obama has made good on his campaign rhetoric by making a firm break break the policies of his predecessor, George Bush, on issues ranging from the war in Iraq, healthcare and climate change.

How do you feel about his first 100 days?




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