Octohoe Raided by Social Services and One-Time

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Nadya Suleman just got popped:

The Huffington Post has confirmed reports that “Octo-Mom” Nadya Suleman was visited today by Orange County child services employees and two police detectives. “Apparently, they went out today,” said Lieutenant Tom Dutton of the La Habra Police Department….… “They did go out and it would have been with child services.” Dutton was unable to describe the nature of the visit or what officers observed at Suleman’s home. The La Habra police department sent the following statement to the Huffington Post:

On Wednesday, April 29, 2009, La Habra Police personnel were requested to assist Orange County Social Services involving a matter pertaining to the Sulemans. As is customary, the department routinely assists other agencies, when so requested. However, the La Habra Police Department is not involved in any ongoing investigation pertaining to this family.

Suleman told RadarOnline.com that she suspects a teacher of her son Aiden placed a complaint after he came to school with a black eye. She downplayed the injury explaining “he’s autistic, he bumps into things.” She also mentioned that he had bite marks and her other children bite sometimes (Suleman recently revealed that she would often bite as a child).

What is this b*tch Octomom really doing now? SMH



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  • dynasty22


  • Bored @ Work

    What took them so long?

  • big mike wife

    This broad needs no more kids. Try a job for once!!


    Her upperards look like a picnic table.

  • mrs. pro

    damn…i really do try to give folks the benefit of the doubt despite what reality looks like…but damn…she needs to get a grip before she finds herself in jail and all the kids split up…they are just waiting for her to mess up….been waiting for it…for their own sick twisted satifaction of someone elses failure…if only people understand that..

  • http://hautentaughtvenus.blogspot.com V

    No news here. People call CPS when they see something they think is wrong, that’s why they investigate. I think it’s good. It’ll make her keep ontop of her ish. With all of the scrutiny, I am surprised that a black eye is all they can come up with. They need better material.

    There should be pics of Nadia riding around in convertable porsche’s letting cash and food stamps flay out of a bag.

  • sasha

    I dont know what to think of her, i hope they catch her.

  • Brown Like Viola Davis

    She is an embarrassment. yeah the kids are biting each other and bumping into things because they are ALL RETARDED. It’s not their fault it is hers. No one needs to have 14 kids with no type of support network. And 14 kids which half are retarded in some way. It’s not right and it’s not fair to the kids!!



  • Bored @ Work

    I’ll happily adopt Aiden, if she gives up rights..

  • SuperHuman

    hey folks who worse off Octosank! or Sanky leg Frankie! which one gets the award

  • Toxicity (Angel in a Centerfold)

    HEY LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A mess indeed

    Her freakin lips bother me.

  • NY2CaliLVN

    this is just dwn insane had this woman been blk the cops would’ve taken her as$ dwntwn for some bullpen therapy Soc Serv’s would’ve round up the troops and shtdwn those tax dollars and put them in shelters pendin investigations

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    I’m just waiting for the scandal to break out between her and Dr. Phil. He used her to build up the funds for his Dr. Phil Foundation, and I bet 10-1 when her money starts to dry out, she’s going to swear up and down he screwed her (and I’m sure he did b/c he’s a snake). She’s crazy and anyone doing business with her is even crazier.


    this woman is crazy. i hope they catch her asss too!! lol! wierdo! poor kiddies…..

  • dirtygurl

    kids fight, especially when there’s several of them. my kids fight and hit and bite all the time. i thought one of the little babies was in trouble. because of what she’s done, all eyes will be on her. enough about ocotmutt, ever wonder why the big corporations can get government loans, but the little people have to lose everything they have to thier name? come read about what’s really going on. do you know who controls your money, your education, or what you see and hear? come read about it at dirtygurl.wordpress.com

  • Jill

    Children play fight and wrestle ALL the time, in some homes. That’s NOT unusual. The media needs to let off of her and let her be.

  • Jill

    Children play fight and wrestle ALL the time, in some homes. That’s NOT unusual. The media needs to let off of her and let her be.

  • SexyChakalit_85


  • Bill Bigsby

    who cares. leave her alone, really. ppl forget that this is a person, a human being. Her problems wont be solved by us hounding her. If anything it would be worse.

    Im not gunna judge her for what she did an neither should u all. Leave her alone.

  • LUVL.A.

    Surprised cops found her a$$ at home to question her!

    Surprised she wasn’t out running around without kids wasting taxpayers money on MAC and Bebe!? SMDH

  • lisalisa

    I agree with DarkCable

  • copelli21

    She looks whipped! And will someone please tell this woman to wear a bra!!!!

    She does NOT have it like that!

  • Katie

    I hope everything works out in her favor. I know what it’s like to want more & more children. Tho I can control the urge to get pregnant over & over. I want to have like 10 kids but only AFTER I win Powerball haha. I honestly believe she loves her kids more than anything. I too receive benefits but not as much as her and I only have 2 kids. I’m sure if she could make money by any other means (to support her kids) I’m sure she would. Why not just back off and let her live her life in piece with her beautiful children?? I for one would be 1st in line to be a nanny if I lived around there! 🙂 Good Luck Octomom! I’m behind you 100%

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