Tyson’s Beef with Tyra

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Tyson speaks on his new Make Me a Supermodel and compares it with Tyra and ANTM:

“Tyra? Are you joking? I’m the only male supermodel there is, the only one who can make a supermodel. Do you think Tyra can just call up Naomi Campbell and ask her to teach these kids how to walk the runway? Please! You know Tyra and Naomi aren’t cool like that right? And we’re in New York, Tyra’s in L.A. Nothing’s going on in L.A. [My models] will go on go-sees, be doing what it takes where the action is, in New York. Please!”

Damn, Tyson it’s like that? He is right to an extent, but is sounding a bit cocky for his britches.

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  • PrettyMissSunshine

    If he doesn’t take those dumb ass sneakers off with that oufit, I swear fo God!!!

  • Three C's

    damn down girl… well i guess he told tyra

  • Curly Fries (Welcome Back, MJB!)

    Tyra started the Top Model movement. Tyson, you’re fine as hell, but don’t hate!

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    And he sounds a little catty to me. How you Doin? (In the Wendy Williams Voice) lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/mallymaal maaly

    he does need to take those sneakers off,but tv isn’t even worth watching nowadays, except sportscenter & family guy

  • Curly Fries (Welcome Back, MJB!)

    Birdy wrote:…”We all know you let Tigga beat your butt hole out.”


    LOL! Damn, I never heard it put that way before. Besides, I thought it was Tig who likes it up the Hershey Road.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ Maaly

    Looooove Family Guy and the Boondocks!!

  • jen

    He is such a girl. why did he have to call out her and Naomi as if we didn’t already know. Another reminder HELLO!!! you are a male model why would he even want to teach females how to walk? Not to mention Tyra takes them to other countries for goosees which is probably harder than dealing in the Big Apple/ IDIOT!!!!

  • jazi

    If it wasn’t for tyra’s show he wouldn’t have one. sounds to me like tyson & janice are sippin out the same hatorade cup.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    We all know you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to be a model and his statement is proof of that. Did Tyra say something bad about him? Why is he bashing her?

    BUT, I do agree with him on that LA thing. I don’t understand why she moved ANTM there.

  • michael jackson's nose is really the holy grail!

    3 snaps..and around the world!

  • NubianGoddez

    ROTFLMAO @ PrettyMissSunshine

    If he doesn’t take those dumb ass sneakers off with that oufit, I swear fo God!!!

    And to quote billy zane in zoolander “its a walk off!!!”

  • themissfits

    This sounds made up. And yes Tyra started the movement. From project runway to Tyson’s show…None of them would exist without the success of top model. Janice Dickinson wouldn’t even be relevant right now without top model. Yet they all take jabs at Tyra.lol. She must be doing something right! Rosie Odonnell structured her talk show, magazine ventures in Oprah’s footsteps, yet couldn’t help taking jabs at Oprah here and there. Dem Hoez B Hatin its nothing new. And btw a man saying pleeeease every 5 seconds is not the business. I was waiting for him to say girrrrrl.lol

  • Straight...no chaser

    He’s right aint nothing going on in LA. It’s all about NY babyyyyy.

  • Daisha

    That’s crazy because Tyson was just on the last ANTM cycle. He should thank Tyra for opening the door to a new job for him. Real talk, Tyra’s ANTM brought about a lot of spin offs. There are all these shows now like America’s Smartest Model, Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, and even Project Runway wouldn’t have happened had it not been for ANTM.

  • Keisha

    Now this is a quote I wouldn’t put pass this dude. He’s very arrogant. I met him once and LA and he had the”I’m all that” attitude. Wasn’t humble @ all. I used to like him until then, now everytime I see him I want to smack his teeth str8(unless he got them fix, then I want to smack them back crooked)

  • The One

    Tyra is the one who put the idea in his head. I remember when he was a guest judge on her show and this is how he thanks her. Ungrateful ass!

  • da darkness

    @ tyson

    playa don’t hate LA u saw what happen to biggie the night he was on some ol… K. Yes NY has the most drag queen’s u might b one might not, thus you are “the only one!” as u said so until u claim that son catch up with the 4 head(tyra) make harmony not war

  • da darkness

    why laya kebede don’t got her own show now that would be some great t.v. she grabbing up models from africa, “the best looking girls come from africa and dats for real”-Ludacris’pimp’n all over the world-

  • da darkness

    @ bird

    she moved the show to LA more than likly cause thats where taped t.v. happens and most of your live t.v. comes out of NY. Nonetheless LA oh I must say have sunnier gals. The women in NY be suffering in all that cold, just waiting to get loose. LA they dress how they want all year round, 70-80 ya know

  • 504 : retire "hate" in '08 !


  • Dalia

    I hope that Tyson didn’t really say this crap. Y’all know how people get misquoted all the time.

    But, if he did say this, then someone needs to bust his bubble. Mentioning Naomi Campbell doesn’t help his show because she is a total “has been”. There’s a reason why she’s not seen on the runway as much any more…she’s old, old, old, and old.

    His(?) show won’t last past this season because all of his models look like drug addicts.

  • ashley

    I like Tyson but why did he have to say something so damn stupid? Even “If” he is right, he is clearly (along with a couple of other shows) is biting off of Tyra. He should take some tips from Tyra like…when he wants to steal from her at least make it his own and then better. Damn, that Tyson…such a fine man but obviously no brain.

  • persona

    Heeeeeeeee. I never got over them moving ANTM to L.A. The dumbest move ever. Like, what model industry does L.A. have? Those people are BAD dressers.

  • Lauren

    Pussnboots….I feel you but how come we never see the ANTM winners EVER AGAIN! Where is Yoanna, and Naima? The first winner was on VH1 or something acting like a damn fool….its just ashame that they don’t get as much work as they deserve or maybe they do but we don’t see them…anybody seen EVA??

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