Pink Slips: 14 People Who Need To Get Fired Immediately

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14 People Who Need To Get Fired Immediately

We hate to infringe on people’s money but some people are so horrible at their jobs that they need to move on. Sorry, but it’s true. These people need to get kicked to the curb because we just can’t take it anymore.

Don Lemon – You heard him ask that woman about biting Bill Cosby? Sigh. Get him out the paint.

Wendy Williams – People love her show and that’s okay, but she should get dropped as a movie maker.

Tom Jackson – He’s the Ferguson police chief and he needs to go now.

Rush Limbaugh – How long are we going to let him continue to say these outrageous racist things?

Adrian Peterson – Disagree?

Roger Goodell – He’s maybe lied about Ray Rice and is the worst commissioner in sports.

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    Racist Cops – There are just too many of them these days. They need to start over and hire from scratch.

    Bill Cosby’s Twitter Person – “Hey, let’s meme Bill Cosby” is the worst idea of the year.

    The Panel Of The View – Man, we need to get some new cast members there.

    Floyd Mayweather – He can’t keep beating on women and getting booked to box.

    Sarah Palin – We’re not even sure she has a real job but she should just go away.

    Eli Manning – Whoo buddy. He totally sucks now.

    Bill O’Reilly – We just can’t take it anymore…

    R. Kelly – The Aaliyah movie did remind us how creepy he is. He should also lay low.

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