Kimberly’s Workout Plan

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Kimberly Locke is still fu*kin for fitness? She announced that she and Harvey of Celebrity Fit Club are unofficially together. He’s still married, so she only hangs with him at places like the gym:

“We do work out together sometimes. We go running and everything, but the whole working out in the gym thing didn’t go so well. Two bossy people? He wants me to do things his way. I want to do it my way — I’m going to do it my way. It didn’t work out.”

It’s hard to concentrate when the object of your desire is the sweaty, bald trainer standing over you. We’re pretty sure that she’s burning calories in other ways.


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  • Dalia

    Who photoshopped this and why?

  • afafas

    Looks pretty good…….

    And she kept her big titties too.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Ummm, is it me or does she have a BIG stomach?

  • The One

    Why is she half naked?

  • Anonymous3

    why is she somewhere singing dang near butt nekid???!! I don’t get it….where was this??

  • chaser

    WTH??? Her and Harvey was gettin it in???

  • Miss Beasley

    Ummm yeah Ima have to go with Anonymous and PaigeyWaigey…what is this heffa doin?

  • tlatrice

    I was wondering the SAME thing: why is she singing in her draws???? LOL!!!

  • Onan

    Hmmm…she looks fine to me. I like the thick girls anyway!

    And don’t act like ya’ll never been somewhere you shouldn’t have in your bra and panties doing something you shouldn’t have! Let me see the sidekick pictures ladies!

  • TheKid78

    it was an Underwear Party she did on some cruise for gays…

    RVM: You’ve been a huge supporter of the gay community from the beginning, and not all performers are.

    KL: You know, I just went for it. I had no idea it was going to happen for me, but I went with it, I accepted it. Fans are fans, I don’t discriminate and in the end, I have the most fun at my gay events. It’s the most welcoming crowd… it is what it is, you know, and I love it.

    RVM: Obviously—I saw what you wore to perform at the Underwear Party on that cruise.

    KL: (laughs) Well, it was an underwear party, and I mean, you should have seen it… all the guys were standing there in their tightie whities. So two of my friends who I met on the cruise came up on stage and unveiled me. I wore a bra and panties with the most coverage I could find. And I’ve got to say, I had a blast. It was very liberating.


  • StilettosnSmiles

    Ok Whay is she damn near naked?!! WOW @ this

  • andie

    Was she really on stage wearing this?

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    Kimberly!!!! Get’cho damn cloths back on!!! You have heterosexual female fans (not me) that don’t want to see that!!! THAT just looks like she is reaching for attention which is just pathetic yadadamean??

    But a friend of mine went to her house when she lived out here in LA a few years ago and he said they smoked blunts and had a good time. He said she was good peeps so I will just go under that assumption until I see otherwise.

  • NubianGoddez

    Jesus take the wheel!!! smh

  • Southern Belle 225

    what was she doing and why is she in her underwear. where did yall get this from?

  • Onan

    Come on ya’ll! Beyonce has been onstage with just as revealing stuff on. Its the same amount of coverage as a bikini…


  • i know right..........

    just why is she on stage in bra and panty? that does not look like a swimsuit……….

  • Yo again? go thaaaat way

    I am starting to like the thick chicks myself lately

  • Minneapolis Post

    why are gays always sweating the christian types??

  • Bones Jordan P's finna be maine in real life

    @ P, I’m bout to change my name babe.

  • Ttime

    Her clothes were PHOTOSHOPPED OFF of her, people. Dang…

  • dayg715

    ok, why is she singing on stage butt ass naked???

    harvey is a fugmonster, but i’ll bet he’s good in bed!

  • Kanyade

    Ohhh, granny panties. 😆

  • EZ Rawlins

    According to one of the posts she was performing at an ‘Underwear party’ aboard a cruise and adopetd to do what the audience did: Appear in underwear. Under THOSE conditions her attire is appropriate. And thank goodness for THOSE conditions, ’cause she is one fo the HOTTESt plus-sized models I have ever seen! D@mn! Mama definitely keeps herself lookin’ tight!

  • simone

    awww…WHAT THE HELL? she should have just put on one of those shaping girdles…the Target bra and panty set is not doing it 4 me…

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