Calling All Shoe Freaks!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Some of the most beautiful black models on the planet stepped out last night at Bourgeoisie Shoetique’s Spring Affair in New York. Selita Ebanks, Jessica White and Melyssa Ford all at the same party is like the second coming of Jesus…such a beautiful thang. What in God’s name are those orange joints supposed to be? Looks like a torture device. But real talk, Jessica is stuntin’ in those neon yellow stems. Pop the top for more party pics

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  • intensemocha

    I’m a shoe freak but I’m not feeling thoes orange shoes at all-the ladies look very nice though.

  • nai-boogie

    1st……. and them shoes is hella ugly

  • nina

    Ladies all like to join _____Meet Wealthy com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  • sasha


  • noelle

    Aw, John Legend and Jessica:(

  • me (the original)®

    I like Selita’s shoes. That’s it.

  • Sawyer

    WOW things people will do for a buck! No one can tell me they think those shoes are the ish! Just because its endorsed by “celebs” or it has an outrageous price tag doesnt make it look god, or worth buying. Although I do understand the marketing and psychological thought behind it. Because by putting a high price on things makes it unattainable and people always want what they cant have!

  • tnf

    Melyssa Ford looks a HAM!! She looks old, tired and washed the hell up

  • Mrs.

    Those shoes are so damn ugly.

  • copelli21

    That shoe is ugly and ridiculous!

    If you want a broken ankle and a jacked up back….go ahead and buy a pair.

  • Me No Likey

    I like the shoes that Selita and Jessica are wearing. The orange shoe on the platter is a hott messs

  • always knew

    UGLY. The orange shoes on platter. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS.


    Why are they in somebody’s apartment?

  • Voodoovixen

    I used to stay around the corner from this place in Harlem. It was so small and barely had any shoes inside, so I thought it was a front. With those prices, it may be.

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Those are absolutely hideous… I can’t get with that style!

  • hauteMess

    this “shoetique” is around the corner from me. i was wondering what all the tents and lights and hoopla was for.

    I should have been invited…i spend a ton in there…fly pumps.

  • Philly-4-the-kids

    LMAO…at “like the second coming of jesus”

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    the orange shoe is so cute!!!.. its different.. not everyone canpull it off…

    I, personally, hate wedges.. but if it was a chunky heel *almost wedging* it would be fabulous!!!

  • MizCatwalk20

    The Black models are reppin in these photos. That clearly goes to show that our beauty comes in all different shades. Because Jessica is gorgeous just as well as Selita is. They both are doing the damn thing. And those yellow neon shoes are the bizness! I’m actually trying to find some turquoise ones.

  • The Original Ebony

    Those are Giuseppes
    got them 2 weeks ago in white, baby.

  • ja - nae nae (:

    I love shoes heels and all but i cant walk in a 4/5 inch heels and i kno ill have a broken ankle working wait scratch that i mean trying to work thoose

  • hifashion

    I’m all for the luxury shoe game, but it would be nice to see a fashion forward, AFFORDABLE shoe store in Harlem. Enough with the bourgie BS.

  • Iseeuwatchinme

    Keri Hilson had those shoes on in black for one of the album release parties. They definitely look better in black but still hard to pull off.

  • je$$i

    them shoes are the business I would wear them right now

  • Carla

    Jessica White looks like a White woman with a deep tanning booth tan, lol……. Not to mention she skinny, lol…

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