Change Of Heart: Child Abusin’ Baller Adrian Peterson Finally Speaks “I’ll Never Use A Switch Again, Don’t Put Me In Ray Rice Category”

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Straight from the horse’s mouth

Adrian Peterson Says He Will Never Use A Switch On His Child Again

Via USAToday

It had been five months since Adrian Peterson spoke to his 4-year-old son.

Somewhere deep inside, Peterson believes he knew what awaited him on the other end of the line. But he couldn’t be sure until he placed the call last week.

“When he got on the phone, he said, ‘Hey Dad,'” Peterson said in an interview with USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. “I was like, ‘Hey buddy, how you doing?’ ‘I’m doing OK.’ I was like, ‘I love you.’ He was like, ‘I love you, too, Dad. Can I come over to your house?’ ”

Peterson hopes he’ll get to see his son in the coming weeks – the end of a tumultuous period in both their lives, and what Peterson hopes will be a new beginning for him as a parent.

Here’s what AP had to say about life after this experience:

“I won’t ever use a switch again,” Peterson said. “There’s different situations where a child needs to be disciplined as far as timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There’s so many different ways to discipline your kids.”

In the more than 90-minute phone interview – Peterson’s first extensive public remarks since his Sept. 11 indictment – he spoke with USA TODAY Sports on a wide variety of topics, including why he refused to attend a hearing with the NFL before Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him as well as his future with the Minnesota Vikings.

“I would love to go back and play in Minnesota to get a feel and just see if my family still feels comfortable there,” Peterson said. “But if there’s word out that hey, they might release me, then so be it. I would feel good knowing that I’ve given everything I had in me.”

…”No one knows how I felt when I turned my child around after spanking him and seeing what I had left on his leg,” Peterson said. “No one knows that Dad sat there and apologized to him, hugged him and told him that I didn’t mean to do this to you and how sorry I was.

“I love my son. I love my kids, my family. Like I said after I took the misdemeanor plea, I take full responsibility for my actions. I regret the situation. I love my son more than any one of you could even imagine.”

…”I take full responsibility, because I spanked my child, and no matter what my intentions were, I end up leaving those marks on his legs,” Peterson said. “That’s the bottom line.

“That’s not what I tried to do, but that’s what ended up happening. Don’t put me in the same (category as Rice).”

Are you buying what A.P. is selling?

Image via AP

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