Naomi’s Foreign Policy

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According to South American news reports, Naomi Campbell is dating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The two have dated for the past two months after Naomi conducted an interview with him for GQ magazine.

Can you imagine Naomi as a first lady? Her crazy ass may push that man to start a nuclear war.


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  • BostonBitty

    1st Throwin Bows!!



  • And What?

    Naomi is crazy…he better lock his phones away!!!



  • im so pretty


  • BostonBitty

    ummmmm usually i would co-sign anythin or anyone Naomi is doing but damn girl!! What?? She’s on sum conquer the world one dick at a time staus now! But i cant hate, thats still my girl. I think Prince William has already smashed on the DL. lol

  • Bones Jordan, Paige's man

    Chavez got him a nutty one boy. But that’s cool cuz he’s my dude now and forever for callin Bush out like he did. I hope they make a happy couple, for real.

  • BostonBitty

    Naomi knows whats really good. She been in the game too long to f*uck for fun. Remember when that Italian millionare gave her that yacht. Naomi got that game on lock

  • mike

    Oh.I have seen this photo on millionairefriends. It’s a dating site for celebrities and wealthy people. Many people are interested in it.

  • Lucy (the other one)

    So she found some stupid Ahole that wants her dumb ass. Good for her. Lets hope she doesnt throw a cell phone at his ass.

  • SIX Shooter (WHOMP)

    Oh NO….Girlie about to hook up with ole boy twist and turn for him, and she’ll be ridin with a whole Army FOR REAL…Damn. Make her Azzz Mad Now. Dare

  • simone

    he looks good at ducking the celly’s….

    you GO Naomi!!!

  • weezy

    Free gas for Naomi!

  • BostonBitty

    ^^ cosign

  • Blueberry

    She loves these old rich men.

  • CubaLinda~

    Venezuela and Cuba are allies; Hugo is closely linked to Fidel Castro; so Naomi and I are like first cousins now!!

  • JS

    Now, in her interview, she called him a “rebel angel”, I believe it was. I am not sure if that was meant to be a little flirtish, but the last time I checked my Biblical history, is the “rebel angel” a.k.aa Lucifer?…… hmmmmmm

  • CubaLinda~

    “She loves these old rich men.”

    Is there really any other type of man one should love? 😉

  • Just a thought....

    She finally found a brotha with some serious status, LOL!

    I ain’t mad at her or him.

  • RU$$

    I Hope this is True!

  • BostonBitty

    @ Cuban Linda

    u need help. That was the dumbest thing i have ever heard.

  • BostonBitty

    ^^ directed at the quote made about Naomi being ya 1st cuzin

  • Ibn

    Mouth still open…what the…for once I am almost speechless…no further comment SMDH

  • CubaLinda~


    Just as I was about to roll up my sleeves and type on that fool, fam, you came in for back-up!! There is still unity amongst us although we are losing some of our residents!! That’s whats up!!

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r


    u know whatz up…i have my comp rigged so when some clown makes disparaging remarks about N-E of the homies…my sh*t starts tweakin and beepin, ‘ALERT! ALERT! DUMBAZZ POSTING AGAINST ONE UH THE WRONG EMMEFFs!!!” hahahahahaha!!!

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