Mr and Mrs. Mariah Carey Lose it in Vegas

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Mr and Mrs. Mariah Carey celebrated their 1 year anniversary at the Moon Nightclub in Las Vegas last night. What shocked us more than their Hollyweird marriage lasting a full calendar year is the fact that Mariah actually cried during a surprise intimate video presentation of their marriage. Nick’s got game for a tenderoni gigolo. Pop the top for pics and more

“It’s a very special occasion,” Cannon told the crowd at Moon Nightclub, where he was deejaying, “toast to everyone.”

After a very private wedding a year ago, the couple decided to do the opposite for their anniversary, celebrating with a nightclub full of people. The couple did, however, dine in a private room at Simon beforehand.

Once inside the club, the couple were greeted with a four-foot birthday cake. And the surprises kept coming – at least for Carey. Unbeknownst to her, Cannon produced a video of the couple’s last year, including video of intimate moments.

After the video was shown, Carey was seen crying.

“This is the most amazing person in the world,” Cannon said into the microphone about his wife. “I dedicate my life to her daily, and together this union is gonna last forever. She is my rock.”

Carey replied: “I have the best man in the whole wide world.”

The gushfest continued after a balloon drop and a clubwide toast, which Cannon dedicated to his wife.


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  • tb

    I thought she was preggers!

  • tb

    Yeah, she does kind look oblong in the last pick. Congrats guys!

  • Avatar


  • me (the original)®

    She’s crying cause she found out the tattoo of her name on his back is actually Henna. It wore off hours before.

    Why does this dude always have some crazy, opened mouthed scream-smile thing going whenever he takes a pic? Can’t he just smile?

    That said, grats to them. If they’re truly happy and in love, God bless and I hope it all works out 🙂

  • Re (Gambit only in a matter of hours away? Oh Lawwwd, I can't take life!)


  • http://... LATEEF

    No matter what. It’s nice.

  • She_4_Real

    who cares about that pink monkey!

  • http://... LATEEF


  • noelle

    She must have ate alot, my stomach gets big after I eat

  • noelle

    a lot*

  • noelle

    But her knockers look nice. But what happened? She looks really pasty

  • Crazy Oldie

    If they are happy, good shizz…we are all surprise it went this long and normally the first yr of marriage is the hardest…guess there is something real there. Congrats.

  • daillest

    Thats so sweet…I hope that last long together…I like them as a couple

  • Milia


  • MsRitaBabie

    Awww how sweet LOVE its such ah beautiful thing 🙂

  • Re (Gambit only in a matter of hours away? Oh Lawwwd, I can't take life!)

    Mariah looks like an albino Koala bear in these photos? I like her dress though…

  • Bored @ Work

    Aww, how sweet!
    ROTFL Re, I must agree with you. I love her dress too.

  • Me No Likey

    @ Re- albino Koala ber–LMFAO

    I tell you, Mariah and Tiny look alike and that is all I have to say about that :|!!

  • *Living lovely* BULLs IN 7

    she had lost it long before this anniversary

  • Natalie

    People hate so hard on Mariah Carey that is quite sad because their envy is very apparent. I always liked her and I like Nick Cannon. They seem like they are really in love and I think they will last for a while. I think she will have a baby for him too. I wish you two many more years together.

  • wtfever

    I hope it lasts for and is real.

  • Mrs.

    Congratulations to them. It is good to see a black couple sticking together. Forget the haters, god bless and I hope it lasts. 🙂

  • Lita

    You can tell she really loves him. I have never seen her this happy.

  • raerae

    God bless them 4 real!
    Love ya MIMI! 🙂

  • Smoovee Sayz

    @ Re…

    *wiping tears** LMAO @ albino koala bear
    “are u my long lost sister??”
    and um on a serious note Ima have to put u in timeout after that comment lol

    Me NO likey must go to…
    thats for bringing Tiny’s Hawt A$$ Mess looking self into this:)

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