Doesn’t Add Up: 13 Glaring Problems With The Grand Jury “Decision” Not To Indict Darren Wilson

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13 Problems With The Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Last night, a grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown. As you can imagine, this is incredibly disgusting. As we’re processing the information, we want to expose 13 things about their decision that are totally unjust and wrong.

1. The Grand Jury Announced Its Decision At Night, When The Situation Is Destined To Be More Dangerous

2. It’s Incredibly Rare For Grand Juries Not To Indict

3. Darren Wilson Called Mike Brown A “Demon”

4. Darren Wilson Also Called Mike Brown An “It”

5. St. Louis Police Have Killed 14 People Since 2004 And There Hasn’t Been A Single Prosecution

6. Darren Wilson Described Mike Brown As Being Strong As “Hulk Hogan” And Wilson Feeling Like A Five-Year Old. Sigh.

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    7. Darren Wilson Doesn’t Keep A Stun Gun Because It’s “Uncomfortable”

    8. The Jury Was 75% White

    9. It’s Incredibly Rare For The Defendant To Be Able To Testify In A Grand Jury Decision But Darren Wilson Spoke For Four Hours

    10. Darren Wilson’s Statement Never Paid Respects To Mike Brown And His Family

    11. Robert McCulloch, The Prosecutor, Basically Blamed The Media For The Whole Case

    12. Where Are Darren Wilson’s Bruises And Hurt Eye Socket That Was Reported Earlier?

    13. None Of This Will Bring Mike Brown Back. And That’s The Worst Part Of All.

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