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Do you find the media coverage of the Ferguson aftermath….or lack thereof….offensive?

News Media Criticized For ‘Offensive’ Coverage Of Ferguson Verdict Aftermath In Black Communities

Much has taken place throughout the world in response to the grand jury’s decision not to charge murderer Darren Wilson in the killing of unarmed teenager Mike Brown, but the many feel that the media has chosen to highlight the few negative and violent of responses in the midst of the many peaceful protests that are continuing to take place across the country.

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The country has anticipated for several months the verdict for the murder of slain 18 year old Michael Brown.

Finally, we received a verdict that permits Officer Darren Wilson to freely live the rest of his life, while Michael Brown will never see the college campus he was set to attend.

It unclear what is worst – the fact that they allowed Wilson, who was responsible for the murder of Mike Brown to walk or how the media is misleading the public about what’s going on in Ferguson?

Cable news have spun the reactions of the non-indictment way out of control, from chaotic images with very little context, to even partisan scorekeeping.  It’s not a shocker that there was no justice for Mike Brown, because we just experienced this heartache a few years ago after enduring the loss of Trayvon Martin, another unarmed Black teen murdered. But the insensitivity from networks like Fox News and MSNBC are just offensive.

While there has been tension and looting, there has also been so much peace and unity. Unfortunately, the latter has been completely ignored because the more interesting hook is “black people looting” “Black people going crazy.” The way the media has sensationalized the stories are ridiculous. Of course the audience is eating it all up, and we wonder why some people outside of culture think it’s okay to shoot us.

According to “Fox News Channel and MSNBC immediately retreat to their ideological corners, while CNN – despite seeking to remain even-handed – again fell into its more lamentable habits, filling time for hours with a “Breaking News” headline that became increasingly absurd the longer the channel went without any additional news.

We’ve witnessed and been a part of some of the peaceful protests across the country over the last few days and we definitely agree the unity and strength seen there has not been highlighted nearly enough in mainstream media television coverage.

What are your thoughts on the job the news media has done so far in their coverage of the Ferguson aftermath?

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