No Sympathy for Marion

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Disgraced athlete Marion Jones was sentenced to six months in a minimum security prison for steroid use and check cashing fraud. She was also sentenced to 800 hours of community service.

The government is cracking down on these athletes for everything. They only have two options: quit breaking the law or become a better liar.


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    # 1 ?

  • Yadadamean?

    i didnt know that was a woman until it said “she”


  • V

    Still at a loss for words….

    ….former fan.


  • crazy black lady

    do only black people use steroids? when will the government ask roger clemens if he used steroids under oath? let’s see honest he is…poor thing. i feel sorry for her kids..

  • binary star

    I’m really glad they took her off the streets. I know we’ll all sleep a little safer tonight.

  • angie23

    Binary star

    LOL! I know!! We wouldn’t want her to do a drive by marathon on our asses!!! WEST SIDE!

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r


  • Baby Please

    Tee hee hee.

    But they let her keep the dough, didn’t they?

  • universalbliss

    her body is quite scary…

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Lord, when it rains it MonSOONs on her ass…dang, When Honesty taps that ass…

  • Darth Paul

    THANK YOU! I’m more upset with these fools for being stupid enough to get caught than I am for their original BS. Dumbass jock…

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Binary star

    LOL! I know!! We wouldn’t want her to do a drive by marathon on our asses!!! WEST SIDE!




    ok yall so i ***HOPPED THE FENCE*** and was sorely disappointed. that simple ass site .. with itty bitty tiny pictures and it looked it was designed by 1st graders who had their first computer class. it left much to be desired and it took forever for the page to load .. i could tell what was actual content and what were advertisement.

  • Saucy

    I still waiting for them to catch up with Serena.

  • John

    Black people just can’t find justice in the court of law. Whats the point in sending her to jail. They already broke her down pretty bad. Strip her of everything, put a high azz fine on her and now this. If she was white it be adifferent story.

  • John


  • NubianGoddez

    Damn she was one of my favorites athletes, she should have come to see me, I could have worked them roots to keep yt off her back. just ask Michelle Rodriguez and her drunken ass.

  • and another one.......

    Its a shame – Check cashing scam? Jesus take the wheel. What is it with the Marions always in trouble – look at Suge!

  • lalalatina

    She deserves it for being stupid. Just like Martha Stewart, she’s not going to jail for the crime, she’s going to jail for lying. The feds were going to give her IMMUNITY for testifying against Conte. If she didn’t want to be a snitch, she would have been fined/probation. But she had to go and lie.

  • rachel

    no even gonna comment cause this is just TOO SAD!

    ….SORRY ,I had to say this though…how come those white female child molesters get less time / no time compared to what she did…come on this was non violent and did not involve hurt any one else in any way…NO JUSTICE…NO PEACE.

    What she did was wrong …but damn…was her sentenceing the south!.

  • WakeUpCall

    I always thought she did use performance drugs, i mean after all, her then husband tested positive for them and was sent home from the olympics. Her body never looked like a females body should look. it was more manly. I never heard the story on why she came forward anyway.

  • Dalia

    She gets not one grain of sympathy from me. They should have sentenced her to more time.

  • playlist

    is it me or do people with the initials MJ always reach the top of society?

    michael jordan

    magic johnson

    michael johnson

    marion jones

    michael jackson

    lil weezy

    obviously some of these folks fell off the top but some or still riding high


  • El Regalo

    Is it me or has anyone seen her 2 kids? Makes u wonder how she was having kids with all those chemicals in her body putting her unborn at risk.

  • Bird

    Jail ain’t so bad. Those roids could have done a lot worse to her and maybe they did. From what I understand her manic spending is probably what put her in a position to be cool with the check scheme in the first place.

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