Ho, Sit DOWN! GOP Advocate Insults Sasha & Malia Obama – “Dress Like You Deserve Some Respect, Not A Spot At A Bar!”

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Somebody get this broad a seat or 7 before our First Lady has to go Chi-town on her…

GOP Advocate Elizabeth Lauten Insults President Obama’s Teenage Daughters

The Republican party has been publicly disrespecting President Obama since his first day in office, but one of their goons recently took it a step further when she decided to take aim at his teenage daughters Sasha and Mailia over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Many of us tuned in to watch President Obama pardon the Thanksgiving turkey the day before the holiday, where we saw the cameras catch Sasha and Malia looking less-than-enthused during the ceremony, but one Elizabeth Lauten (aka @DCGOPGirl) of the GOP peanut gallery felt the need to take her observation to this extreme:

..despite the fact that there were also photos, like these, of the girls clapping and smiling as their father spoke.

Elizabeth has since, of course, issued a public “apology” for her actions after much “prayer” and blah blah blah blah…but, really……who cares. This was no accident or mistake. No one held this woman against her will & made her type these blatantly disrespectful comments insulting the entire first family, so she can save her “I’m sorrys” for another day as far as we’re concerned.

Check out her “apology” on the flip and see if you agree…

Lauten, a bird-brained GOP bigot based in Alexandria, VA, must not be getting enough attention this holiday season because what other reason would you have to hurl insults at teenage girls as a grown woman? SMH.

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