True Or False? Has Drunk In Love Beysus Been Hitting The Bottle — And Hubby Hov — Hard?

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So Solo ain’t the only one?

Tabloid Claims Beyoncé Is Abusive, Can’t Control Herself When Drinking, Jay Z May Divorce Her

We’re hoping the latest rumors about the coupled up Carters are all false. One tabloid is reporting that Bey has been breaking down and even acting out violently toward Hubby Hov!

According to National Enquirer reports:

Power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé are storming toward a $1 billion divorce, The National ENQUIRER has been told.

“The relationship is as volatile as ever,” said an insider.

In fact, a provocative series of seemingly coded cries for help recently posted on the singer’s social media accounts have prompted some in the know to coyly label them “Beyoncé’s Breadcrumbs.”

In October, she published a photo showing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton locked in a fiery embrace. That A-list couple made headlines with their notoriously volatile relationship.

Bey, 33, and Jay Z, 45, have stayed together only for the sake of their daughter, Blue Ivy, 2, an inside source told The ENQUIRER, adding their marriage “is a powder keg that could go off at some point,” while thrice-weekly counseling sessions have done little to calm the domestic strife!

In early November, the two – who wed quietly in April 2008 – were spotted sniping at a Brooklyn Nets game before he gave her the silent treatment, and Beyoncé began a bizarre bobble-head act.

Meanwhile, in another social media post, Beyoncé looked hauntingly empty-eyed, while a September post appeared to suggest her weeping. “Beyoncé has been in a very bad place these past few weeks,” an insider has said. “It’s obvious to anyone around her that she’s not herself at all.”

A potential split could be one for the record books with some putting the couple’s combined assets north of $1 billion – with Jay Z’s portion an estimated $560 million and Beyoncé’s $450 million!

WE definitely thought the bangs were a cry for help, but this seems a bit much… And it only gets worse!

A different version of the story, which adds that Beyoncé can’t control herself when drinking and has becoming physically abusive, appeared on Rhymes with Snitch:

…in a shocking claim, Beyonce is alleged to be the physically abusive partner in the relationship, said sources – providing emphatic evidence that she’s spiraling closer to an epic nervous breakdown, as friends fear!

“The relationship is as volatile as ever,” said an insider who noted as of late, the “Drunk in Love” diva has been inebriated on more than just fondness for her husband. “It looks like sometimes she can’t control her anger or her liquor when she drinks.”

“Another source noted: Beyonce went through a rollercoaster of emotions. Eventually, she came to the decision that the show must go on, personally as well as professionally. Basically she’s made her bed and now she has to lie in it.

This seems downright crazy. Do you even believe it? We’re gonna need more evidence before we buy into this, but we definitely agree that Bey has been acting a little bit strangely. Hopefully she gets it together SOON!

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