Did Bank of America Hire This Man as Chairman for More Obama Bailout Stacks?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

A recent news report says troubled Bank of America may have hired former Morehouse College President, Walter Massey as a “token” to get more Obama bailout money more

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  • Amber


  • karlitos


  • http://www.madamethejourney.com Madame

    This is extreme stretching …

    The disbursement of bail out funds are not directly decided by President Obama …


    Quite possible.Dr.Massey may be qualified to run a bank…but that does’nt mean that some cynical calculations did’nt come into play.Just one more reason why the whole bailout concept is a BAD IDEA.

  • leave-it-be


  • Come On People

    Why do we have to belittle the man’s accomplishments. By the way he has served on the BofA board, he is just being moved to the Chairman’s position. Anyway, I think that Obama has proven that he is not swayed by the “black” thing.

  • http://mockrockstar.ning.com Mock Rock Star

    If it’s true then I say about time…maybe I can will get a promotion because I’m black…Lord knows it’s been the other way around for centuries

  • MyCopperDeuce

    I know Livesteez isn’t exactly a pillar of journalism, but this article is bullsh*t. Who are these people who think this is a “ploy by the corporation to receive financial sympathy in the Obama era?” You don’t make a statement like that without backing it up with some names. Your speculating may be true, but call it that, speculation.

  • LUVL.A.

    This some BS!! Everyone mad cuz African-Americans supposedly don’t have high level exec jobs!…..Now Dr. Massey got one, and it still ain’t good enough!!! WTF Now?

  • International Vibe

    Wow Rob…why are you hating on Clark Atlanta for? You Morehouse cats always seem to have a chip on your shoulder and feel the need to be negative and bullish on other institutions to have a false self sense of pride in yours. You come off as a very insecure and bitter person. But I’m not surprised as this is the attitude alot of the Morehouse grads/dropouts have displayed when they are asking me for jobs. Do yourself a favor and get over yourself! The Spelman grads I know have a totally different attitude.

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