The Bitter End: “Regretful” Mama Joyce Says She’s Skipping Miss Sharon’s Funeral

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Is she finally seeing the error of her ways?

Mama Joyce Regrets Relationship With Todd’s Mother, Plans On Skipping Funeral

Despite a near-constant stream of harsh words (and flying fists) for Todd Tucker, his mother, his daughter, and anyone else affiliated with him, Mama Joyce claims it is time to turn a corner. After the sudden death of Todd’s mother on Tuesday, it seems she has had a moment to realize how harmful her words and behavior have been and is now looking to patch things up with her daughter’s husband and his family. Via TMZ:

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Mama Joyce regrets her toxic relationship with her in-law Miss Sharon, but still … she has no plans to go to the funeral.

Mama Joyce famously belittled her son-in-law Todd Tucker and his mom Sharon Tucker on the show … claiming he was money hungry and Sharon was a prostitute.

But now Joyce tells TMZ she is sorry for attacking Sharon by repeating gossip (which turned out to be false) — and wishes they’d patched things up before Miss Sharon died on Tuesday.

Silver lining? Kandi Burruss’ mom says she wants to have a better relationship with Todd.

MJ added she won’t attend the funeral out of respect for Miss Sharon’s friends and family. She knows a lot of people would be pissed if she showed her face … so instead she’s going to send flowers.

That’s probably a wise choice…doubt that the family would let Mama Joyce leave in one piece after all the isht she’s talked up to this point. Hopefully she can turn the page and start fresh with Todd.

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