Beautiful Inside and Out

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Jill Scott and her beautiful smile were spotted arriving at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, DC.

Other celebs arrived as well…we haven’t seen Brian McKnight in a minute.

Images via Splash

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  • DM

    Slow day.

  • too fast

    Boring stuff for a weekend.

  • yay

    It’s so nice to see a REAL beauty on here for once!

  • pinkdate

    she is a great woman, somehow, she has got through a loy of diffculties as they are listed at

  • Charden

    Jill is gorgeous, I agree. But, sista needs to decide whether she will be rocking a relaxed or natural doo. She can’t do both at the same time. LOL! Love ya Jilly from Philly!

  • BellaY

    I love Jill Scott.

  • Naptown Dude

    I’m so glad that Gladys got dem tee-fess-es fixed. I took some years, but glory to God.

  • Common Sense

    I love Jill

  • ms jazz
  • Pascalle

    Jill is my hair idol…but them jeans Ms. McKnight – howYOUdoin’?

  • Jauron


  • kai

    Oh, I stayed in the suite with my man there before. Feels good to know they will probably stay in there after me LMFAO!! The spa is off the hook. And jill fat ass cant eat all the small portions City zen can give her..

  • Bird

    Jill’s beauty truly radiates from within. Her smile is like the sunshine coming out. Incredible.



  • NuAgenda

    I love Jill, she is sooo pretty! Wow, her smile is crazy beautiful. Reminds me of Janet Jackson’s smile.

  • California Pixie

    Jill has a gorgeous smile and beautiful skin. She’s an amazing singer. Her role in “Why Did I Get Married” seemed to be written just for her.

  • Michelle of Japan

    jill scott has gingivitis, look closely at those black gums!!!! What beautiful smile?

  • FyreStarrter

    Sigh…she is just too beautiful for words. LOVE HER!!! I can listen to her music over & over again & dream a different dream each time.

  • ReBeL

    I remember when I wasnt a fan of hers, WTF was I thinking???

  • APimpNamedSlickback

    I met Jill a couple of years ago and she is every bit as beautiful in person as she is in pictures… her personality and spirit are great too. You CANNOT hate on that sister!

    OH and LMAO at the Ms. McKnight comment!

  • Alles888

    I saw her hot pics at the singles club Ya know it’s a great place for singles seeking romance and relationships.

  • Salty Beans

    Jill is the truth! Although I’m not really feeling her last album.

    Body size is not only beautiful when it’s measured in European standards.

  • Ashley Seales

    Jill Scott is a fatty. Stop faking. She needs a diet BAAAD!

  • michelle

    i love jill!!! but she really represented on the brown gel usage!

  • NubianGoddez

    Love Jill Scott!!

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