Baby on Board??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kelly attended the Gianni Versace fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. The Camel is definitely making a statement with his scarf game this season.

There’s a little rumor circulating that Bey may have a baby on board. Does she have the pregnant woman glow?


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  • kimmy jordin

    i’m first lol

    i hope she’s preggos, i just don’t want the babies to turn out lookin like jay lol

  • BigBazz

    2nd, almost there….

  • BigBazz

    and 3rd

  • Bird

    I have not heard any rumors of a pregnancy. Who is saying that?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Nah, she has that “taking the morining after pill” nauseous look about her.

  • Malls

    Kelly Rowland looks fantastic as usual.

  • elle

    She is killin’ it with the black hair. Gorgeous.

  • candi

    Yeah she does. Plus, she’s been wearing a lot of black these days. Since she already has a pouch, the baby would push it out even more… so hence the black wardrob…

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    Okay….I have decided. Although this hair color is pretty much her natural hair color, I don’t care what ANYONE says but Beyonce NEEDS her blond back. I just wanted here to stop wearing the heavy looking weaves and wear like a shoulder length bob or a shoulder length wedge some time. I thing that either would shape her face very well and change up her look.

    But I don’t like the dark hair. There is nothing Supastaaaaa about it….hmmmmmm….I don’t know what it is about it but I no likey Beyonce sans the blond hair.

    BUt as far as her being preggers…..

    1. She has gained weight again but that is normal for her….but who gains weight on tour dancing all night???? Maybe she is but IF she is, it’s a desperate cry to get married and that’s it. Maybe that’s why she is taking a year off and maybe it’s why Jigga said “sooner than later” for like the 4th time in 6 years???

    Lord KNOWS nothing else would keep her away for so long lol.

  • amazonia

    I hope the baby looks like Jay-z!!! Haha. I’m so mean!

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    ^^^I meant I think not I thing lol. And again, she just looks too much like Tina in this picture.

  • LeyLey23

    Kelly glowing a whole lot more than Bey. Bey and Jay nver look like they have any fun together, now Kelly on the other hand…

  • kimmy jordin

    i really hope she’s preggos

  • King David

    I hope they have a baby girl and comes out looking exactly like Jay-Z . Beyonce would love that wouldn’t she .

  • Flawless

    Please let her be pregnant maybe she can have some meaning to her life….she is such a bore….having a baby will just complete her boring character…such a yawn…don’t even care to know if she is honestly….

    Now if you tell me someone like Rihanna is preg for Jay than that’s a story i’ll run with…lol…lol

  • X

    “But I don’t like the dark hair. There is nothing Supastaaaaa about it….hmmmmmm….I don’t know what it is about it but I no likey Beyonce sans the blond hair.” – Oh F@ck That!!!

    Dear Oh F@ck That,

    You been programmed to believe that the whiter the better, and sadly you are not alone. There is nothing fiercer that a sista who is natural beauty – that’s power baby. One day, we will all wake-up and embrace our African hair. Although, I doubt I’ll live to see it. True Beyonce is still far from embracing her natural beauty, and she really is a natural beauty, but at least she has taken one small step in the right direction. I’m not trying to say that sista’s who dye their hair or wear artificial hair are sell-outs. I think that what God gave is better. Love what God gave you and be proud to resemble your African ancestors and not by artificial means, try to resemble our European ancestors.

    Regarding Beyonce glowing – she always glows so who knows. I just hope she is happy with Jay Z, he seems like bit of an ass to me.

  • Mimi

    Kelly looks so beautiful laughing


    She does look a little chubbie wubbie in the face

  • Bey is Beautiful

    She is gorgeous. Regardless of what hair color she has. I personally LOVE THE DARK HAIR!

    She always is glowing because this is a woman who gets what she wants. Everyone should take notes.

  • Too Fast

    Is it me or is Kelly better looking than Beyonce???

  • Too Fast

    Jay looks like he be hitting Kelly too.


    She’s glowing, but that doesn’t mean that she is pregnant. I seriously doubt that. That girl is about her paper right about now! Anyway, F*ck all that…Her hair is the SH*TT!!!!!

  • andie

    I love to see the 3 of them kickin’ it.

    Everyone looks FAB, but Kelly looks BEAUTIFUL!

    I don’t think Bey is pregnant. She’s too career-oriented right now.

  • lee

    b is pregnanat and thats why they got married in dec cos daddy knowles cannot have her preg out of wedlock…. They are married and she is having a little camel. i hope it loooks like

  • Windycitychick

    Ha ha!!! U guys have me dying with laughter. U know mama and daddy Knowles has B on 5 different birth control… plus she’s recording ANOTHER album right now and will be TOURING AGAIN in the summer

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