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Here’s Alicia Keys on the red carpet at the 2008 BET Honors, where she was honored for her excellence in music. Other award recipients include Tyra Banks and Dr. Cornel West.

More images from that event:

Even More Images Under the Hood….

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  • Dalia

    Go, Alicia!

  • Dalia

    And Tyra looks good too.

  • KSH


  • Dalia

    Say what you want about Vivica, but she ain’t broke and she is looking good, too.

  • Gurrrrllll Stop playin!!!!

    Keyshia where is Frankie? That’s my girl….she don’t be playing at all…lol Everybody looks decent.

  • BermudianMami

    I am loving Tyra’s dress!

  • YALL

    She looks gorgeous!!It’s said that she had a personal blog on with her hot pictures and blogs, a private site for diversely ethnic singles. The blog is updated very often. I think it may be ture.

  • Lydia

    For a nice change, Viv looks abosolutely gorgeous… all the ladies do for that matter…

  • Bird

    Keyshia looks as glamorous as she can with the big ole tat. I’m impressed. Viv looks the best I have seen her look in a long time. Age appropriate is not a bad look for her. I would have like to see wear a more glamorous dress since everyone else did.

  • Bird

    I would have like to see Jill wear a more glamorous dress since everyone else did.

  • kimmy jordin

    alicia’s hair doesn’t fit her look

  • Stephy

    Everyone looks nice; however, I have seen Jill look much better on other occassions…but she is still my favorite female artist.

  • Curly Fries

    Vivica is looking good!

  • Black Beauty

    Not feeling Alicia or Jill’s hair.

  • ReBeL

    All I can say is WOOOOOOW @ Alicia! That woman is amzing. Tyra looks great too. Vivica not feeling her face & Keyshia’s dress is ugly. Kerry…..

  • Dalia

    Why, why, why do women put these huge, ugly tats on their arms?

    Keyshia could have on the prettiest gown in the world and it wouldn’t matter because that tattoo is just plain awful.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Alicia’s asian look is not cute. Tyra looks nice for a change but the feathers on the dress are a lil scary and Vivica looks decent not too plastic.. even tho we know the real.


  • capila

    alicia looks and vivca looks good as well keyshia cole looks uncomfortable in that dress

  • Moomoo

    chingy’s face is a hot ass mess lmao

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Blair looks great and Chingy is so cute!!!

    And as for the rest… well, I won’t say anything at all….

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Keisha Coles hair looks uncomfortable!!! ewww… so not cute.

  • RAZ B

    Keys is in a Greek Goddess dress, thats not hot …she still beautiful.

  • dani

    Everyone looks fab! Congratulations to the award recipients 😉

  • Corree

    How come every time I click on the pic of Tyra to get a close up of the dress, I get a pic of her, Kimmora, Beyonce and Jay at a basketball game? BTW, Jay looks bored out of his mind with those cackling women. lol

  • so what u sayin'?

    Vivica looks A.MA.ZING. for a change. Keyshia… would have looked much better without that tat. eww.. just looks dirty, like… “you have something on your arm…oh wait, my bad, that’s your tat”

    Why do women do that? So unattractive, not feminine at all and it shows that you lack class. Just eww

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