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The sexual chocolate that is Idris Elba talks versatility, and why he should have asked Bey for some help with his musical career when he had the chance:

“I’ve built my career brick by brick, but I didn’t start off saying, ‘Oh, I’m going to try to do as many different types of roles as possible,’ ” says Elba, who last year was a London thief in Guy Ritchie’s “RocknRolla,” and currently plays Steve Carell’s no-nonsense supervisor on NBC’s “The Office.”

“I just start off every job saying, ‘Okay, this is very different from the last one,’ and take it from there.”

Starring alongside Beyoncé, who’s better known for her singing than her acting chops, proved a different challenge for the more experienced Elba.

Ironically, Elba could have turned to the mega-music star for a little career advice himself. The former club deejay has a burgeoning music career in addition to his acting. He has produced and composed songs for the likes of Jay-Z and Angie Stone, cut a four-song EP in 2006 titled “Big Man,” and is working on a CD of his own that he hopes to release this year.

“It’s me stepping out from behind the turntables and into the room and just putting some music together,” says Elba.

“It’s a hybrid of hip hop meets reggae, meets soul, meets jazz. I do a little singing, a little rapping, a little talking. I’ve been doing this for so long, I just feel like I owe it to myself to push the music out there.”

Yet despite all those months they spent together on the set of “Obsessed,” Elba insists he never once asked ­Beyoncé for any feedback on his music.

“I’m too proud, basically,” he says, laughing. “I’ve been deejaying long enough to know the difference between a good record and a bad one, so I just figured I’m going to do it myself.

“But that said, Beyoncé is the kind of person that would say, ‘Yo ’Dris, let me hear what you got, let me see what you’re doing,’ and maybe steer me in the right direction — if I had asked,” says Elba, laughing again. “But I didn’t.”

Now, dear Idris, you know that if Bey listens to your song, she’s going to have to take credit for writing, producing and singing it.




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