Bill Clinton Gets it in at FAMU

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Before Obama, there was our other first black president Bill Clinton. The class of 2009 at FAMU had the honor of listening to the former President at their commencement ceremonies on Saturday. Clinton knows he loves him some black people. Pop the hood for more

President Clinton’s real message was to inspire the graduates to build for the future and embrace diversity.

He said, “Can you keep pushing America toward becoming one community where we celebrate our differences, but we think our common humanity matters more; infect the world with that idea and get people to stop killing each other because of one tenth of one percent of us that’s different; to focus just a little more on the 99.9 percent we have in common?”

FAMU graduate Kevin Jenkins said,”I got a chance to see Obama as well. But it’s like you’re connecting history as well. I’m just thankful to Florida A&M for being able to secure such a great, big speaker for the event to make it memorable.”


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  • Smoovee Sayz


  • noelle

    Lmao at black prez. My mom loves him so much..

  • I go deep yes you fill it in ya stomach just relax

    onetime for famu and tally big ups just keep doing big things

  • Nique

    Is this not the same school where that heffa Kyle from College Hill claims he goes to?????

  • K.C.

    ummm ok

  • bossipfullofshyt

    During the election they were bad mouthing former president Clinton now they are giving him props??

  • Told you so

    Wonder if he went to a step show afterwards and drank drank the punch

  • blarae

    AHHH this is my school. I love this school (and this blog). Shouts out to my homies b_hunt, nish pish, Domo, Pail, T. Brown, Tina, Lil’ Liz, and the twins! Congrats to all the grads.

    oh and so shame about it, but yes, kyle does go to Famu.

  • Famugirl96

    GO FAMU!!

  • Famugirl96

    blarae get off of here hehehe! i am so shame we both posted lmao

  • FAMUAlumDiva

    FAMU is the best university ever!
    And Clinton didnt go to the step show…but he was @ ‘The Moon’ doing the stanky leg!

    Shout out to Blare!

    And the whole school is “stdh” @ kyle….:(

  • Nique

    Glad to know FAMU aint feeling Kyle’s fat ass! Def not a good look!

  • sexy_caramel


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Obma > Clinton


  • lola_uk

    well said, givedaddysomesugar!

  • Mrs. Westley

    Shout to my rattlers……FAMU KEEPS DOING BIG THINGS!

  • come on people

    While in office, Bill Clinton created devastating drug and sentencing policies that sent more black people to prison than any other president in US history. And let’s not forget about Rwanda. Clinton did nothing to step in and stop the genocide except visit the country 10 years later to apologize for doing nothing. What’s left? Playing the saxophone and having extramarital affairs? Come on people. We’re more than that.


    Dear Come on people: Preach the truth!

  • Eryca K

    Is that dude wearing a medalion around his neck?

  • Jay

    Sigh, Bill Clinton is not the first black president, as someone up above has already clarified. I don’t think it is even cool either to say it in jest, he really showed his true color’s when his wife was running of how he feels towards people with african american decent. You can still sling mud at someone WITH OUT crossing certain bridges, obviously him and his wife didn’t feel that way. He is just another president that did a better job of pulling the wool over black people’s eyes, being a democrat always helps do so. We now have a half black president in office that is the first to get such a wide acceptance from all likes of people, let’s see if he tows the line or falters like so many of his lighter colored Predecessors. I believe Obama, just don’t give me a reason not to…

  • DC

    I agree with Givesdaddysome sugar Bill Clinton doesn’t even like Black people and we saw that during the campaign so he WAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT

  • DC

    I agree with Givesdaddysome sugar! Bill Clinton doesn’t even like Black people and we saw that during the campaign so he WAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT! Such an insult!

    Jay…I am a light skinned black person and I do not appreciate you insinuating that some how we aren’t black and will turn against out race. I am just as black as you are and NO one of my parents is no white, they are both black.

    I am tired of us black people turning against one another. We are ALL black and we should appreciate the different tones in our race instead of turning against one another! This is exactly what white people want us to do. Do yourself a favor Jay and read the Willie Lynch is all in there. They set us up to hate one another and 500 years later we still hate each other.

    We are all beautiful and black I don’t care if you are light skin, dark skin, cinnamon, hazel nut, honey colored whatever. Lets practice self love and not ignorant stereotypical self hate!

  • Miss Amber

    ** ignorant


    @ jay and photo

    Being Black is not only about skin color but also about state of mind. The other previous socalled Black presidents were racist and did nothing for Black people. Clinton also did nothing for Black people. Obama is also not gonna do much for Black people. Obama has already lifted the ban on America’s funding of overseas abortions and doubled the funding. (population control). He has not stopped what is going on Darfur nor will he. The last 5 presidents did nothing to stop genocide in cambodia, rwanda, bosnia or darfur it is not gonna happen because our president is Black. Obama will continue america’s racist, oppressive, and zionist way throughout the world in favor of america multinational corporations.
    If the multinational corporations that actually run AMERIKKA stole 2 elections and gave us 8 years of goerge bush what makes you guys think that they did not also give you Barack Hussein Obama.
    Wake up Black people. Wake up.

  • Rattlergirl

    GO FAMU RATTLERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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