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Before Obama, there was our other first black president Bill Clinton. The class of 2009 at FAMU had the honor of listening to the former President at their commencement ceremonies on Saturday. Clinton knows he loves him some black people. Pop the hood for more

President Clinton’s real message was to inspire the graduates to build for the future and embrace diversity.

He said, “Can you keep pushing America toward becoming one community where we celebrate our differences, but we think our common humanity matters more; infect the world with that idea and get people to stop killing each other because of one tenth of one percent of us that’s different; to focus just a little more on the 99.9 percent we have in common?”

FAMU graduate Kevin Jenkins said,”I got a chance to see Obama as well. But it’s like you’re connecting history as well. I’m just thankful to Florida A&M for being able to secure such a great, big speaker for the event to make it memorable.”




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