WTF?: Ray J Is Smashing Tila Tequila…VH1 Show Pending

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

For real, for real. Keep it funky with us, Ray. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you going through an almost thirty life crisis?
If this mess is true, VH1 will no doubt be creating a show for these two idiots.

Today, “Shot of Love” camera hog Tila Tequila revealed on her blog that she’s “is officially dating Ray J!!!!!!” You know, Brandy’s reality star brother from “For the Love of Ray J.”

At 3:45 a.m. this morning she stated that “my baby is Ray J…..and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time.” Apparently she was trying to clear up what she is calling “rumors” about people saying she is dating Diddy and Tyrese — probably from the people inside her head.

“Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!” she yapped “I think we make the cutest couple…. don’t you?” Um, hadn’t really thought about it, Tila. However, it looks like there is one little snag in your new reality romance, Ray J is still dating “For The Love” winner Cocktail. Well that and I thought you were all about the ladies.

Ray J said “@cocktailvh1 what’s up baby.. You know I wish u were here with me” this Friday on his Twitter. Then this morning he does a gal pal 180 saying “@officialTila love u more!!!! you my future wifey.”

Damn, Ray…why does that picture just look like it exudes grease.

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  • No you can't be boyfriend # 2! So stop calling me!


  • Natalie

    Am I the first? I guess I am! Anyways, both Tila Tequila and Ray J are freaks so they are perfect for each other. Hope she can handle all of Ray J if you know what I mean.

  • Bored @ Work

    Sad, sad!!!!

  • No you can't be boyfriend # 2! So stop calling me!

    Ray J is such a male HOE! Can you say N E X T!!! …which makes me ask this question, who really (here) is checking for him n e way?!

  • *still living lovely*

    He stay stickin that weedoweedowee in somethin


    Ray J is going to catch something before it is all said and done. SMH


    Big head and Dead fish eyes…perfect match…

  • Bored @ Work

    Big head and Dead fish eyes…perfect match…

  • ImEngaged!!!

    who cares????????????????????????????

  • electrikblue

    How dumb ! Im over all three of them!

  • The Th3rd

    Is anyone really suprised?

  • Mz_Magnificent1 AKA The Magnificent Wit The Sensational Style

    I’m not gonna lie I had to read that statement like 5 times JUST to make sure I was seeing it correctly…wasn’t this dude just talking about how much he like Keyshia Cole??????

    Not gonna lie after ‘For The Love of Ray-J’, I actually like Ray a lil more BUT who hasn’t this boy fycked??? Can we say STD central…I even know 2 girls he hooked up with.

    Stop it Ray-J before you get that shyt…someone needs to call Mama Norwood on this boy lololol!!!

  • nasty woman Dirty man

    Right, they’re both publicity HOES so perfect for each other. They can have matching STD’s.

  • Let's talk truth...

    Ok seriously…is this dude stroke that serious? Even if the women he is dealing with are suspect…what is it about him that they are allowing him to tap it? Inquiring minds DON’T wanna know.

  • Jaye ;-)

    Am I the ONLY woman in America who finds Ray J creepy?

    I don’t know what it is… but since I grew up during the time when Brandy was “America’s Black Sweetheart” I think I will always see Ray as Brandy’s little brother. You know how you have that friend with the little brother who’s in high school but THINKS he’s grown! The one who tries to get at you with cheesy lines while doused in too much cologne and obsessively brushing his non-existent waves? That’s how I see Ray. lol

    Plus he thinks he’s way finer and flyer than he actually is. He’s so full of himself it’s sickening. Maybe if he exhibited a little more humility he wouldn’t turn my stomach as much.

  • Jaye ;-)

    Oh s**t! After the last post from SMDH brace for the on-flood of non-relevant racial posts! LMAO!

  • melo

    She’s disgusting and ugly as hell with that muscle face of hers! Ewwwww.

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • Jaye ;-)


    The gremlin line is PRICELESS! I laughed so hard I spit out my coffee! LOL

  • Woudat X

    Ray J is a pimp

  • common sense

    VH1 needs a show for who can catch all the std’s first

  • Just as I see it..

    Well damn! Thought he was with Cocktail. That was short lived.


    hmm suspicious…they jus tryin to stay in the limelight….anyways…

  • Jay the Real One

    I don’t believe it, I don’t believe her. Say what you will his show was good and her 15 is ova. But if you hit RJ triple bag it.

  • christie's secrets

    HIV is bad but they are a lot of others annoying STD people should be testing for real! I mean even kissing everybody like that can give you herpes, and hepatitis! hell NAW~

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