Is Drake Bringing “Lightskinned” Back?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Check out Drake a.k.a Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi getting his Canadian gangster on. On the low, Lil Wayne’s  protege just might just single-handedly make being “high-yella” cool again. Who’s feeling the mix tape?

Pop the top for more white chocolate, Usher, Trey Songs & Jermaine Dupri at a recent ATL performance.

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  • BE

    He is not that cute..sorry

  • BE

    Trey Songz is much cuter in my opinion

  • Solo

    I did not know that was Jimmy – Iloved Degrassi and I like his flow so he has a fan

  • daillest

    @ BE…I agree 100% Trey Songz can get it all day everyday…

  • christie's secrets

    so what, is that dude black! america is really a weird place, everybody is black actually?

  • Eryca K

    Oh.. Didn’t know he was black.. But does it matter?

  • go for it!!

    I have been supporting his music since the mixtape ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT came out. Very good artists…

  • Dee Dee

    i think so, i like drake. and i love degrassi

  • Bill Bigsby


  • Bella Caramella*

    “Lil Wayne’s protege just might just single-handedly make being “high-yella” cool again.”

    NOPE. I can’t get down with that Chris Brown, cellophane, pukey look. Personally that’s my opinion, but others may feel differently…

  • Woudat X

    Tdot represent!

  • christie's secrets

    ooh so this is the guy from degrassi??? I did not know, he put on mad weight damn
    I did not know he was a singer

  • melo

    Ewww Trey Songz…Drake is aiiiight he ain’t no Chico Debarge…but I like him as an artist…A lot.

  • Jay the Real One

    No he’s bringing DeGrassi back.


    NO!! I miss his forehead…he has flow tho…



    Usher is corny….

  • M

    @ go for it…..yeah me too room for improvement one of the best mixtapes i’ve heard from somebody that didn’t have a buzz already….

  • Hater


  • i am camel fierce!

    light skinned dudes are more attractive!!! jmo

  • http://bossip Whoa!

    I like Drake. I mean, his flow is sick (to me), and it’s nice to not here about the same ol same ol i.e. guns, drugs, murder that has usually dominated hip-hop/rap.

    I’m loving “Best I ever had” and “Every Girl.” I say go Drake.

  • HaitianSurvivor

    i am camel fierce!

    Why don’t you say just say it… u love white boys

  • E$

    He nice wit’ it, I suggest everyone give it a listen. Not your average rapper

  • Kemba

    Drake is attractive. His mixtapes (this one and the previous one) are on point!

    I always get more love from the light skinned brothers so I gonna keep holding them down!! All day everyday!

    1) Uptown
    2) Little Bit

    On fire!

  • Just C

    Drake’s lyrical game is sick! Been down with him since his first mixtape. Love him, love his flows. He takes up plenty of space on my iPod. ♫My reality is brighter than your dreams. I got your dream girl riding in your dream car. The visual is stunnin’. I hope their documentin’ what I’m becoming. Congratulations….♫

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