When the Checks Stop Coming In

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch may be up for foreclosure sooner than later:

The mortgage broker trying to find refinancing for Jackson on a $23 million loan held by Fortress Investments using Neverland as security has so far come up empty. There is literally no interest from anyone in saving Jackson in this situation. If Neverland is not refinanced, Fortress can foreclose and sell the ranch at auction. Recently, Fortress laid off $300 million in loans to Jackson on HSBC. The refinancing resulted in Jackson’s paying off around $20 million in debt, but it still left him cash-strapped and unable to deal with the Neverland crisis.

Jackson has recently been living rent-free with his three children in the Palms casino in Las Vegas as a guest of the Maloof brothers. The Maloofs would be the latest hosts upon whom Jackson has mooched, following Prince Abdullah of Bahrain, dancer Michael Flatley and Prince Jefri of Brunei.

He better get his Billie Jean swagger back, and produce some stacks from this new Thriller project. Otherwise, Neverland will no longer be his. Poor thang.


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  • Kay Phillips


  • http://www.myspace.com/mallymaal maaly

    someone put him out of his misery please, his music will always be the ish but im just tired of seeing this mans sitution and mental health decline

  • Ibn

    Im sorry but thats what he gets. Just like hammer spending obscene amount of money on a house and paintings in michaels case, will brake you. He better sell pictures of blankets face or something.

  • Bones Jordan, Paige's man

    @ Maaly and Ibn, I completely agree guys. It’s sad for me to cosign but I am doing just that.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    This is truly a sad day when MJ is under the title of “When the Checks Stop Coming In” Say it aint so Mike, Say It aint so!!!

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  • Don't mind me

    Good it was only for grooming kids anyway- look @ the state of it

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    It’s hard to believe he could be almost broke.


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlWNBCPkiWQ leave it be


  • Dalia

    His poor nose.

    I wonder if when he gets a cold, he can pop it off, clear his head through the hole, and then pop it back on?

    His poor nose.

  • Curly Fries

    He’s pitiful. That’s the only word I can think of to describe him. I betcha that man has no peace of mind. No doubt he’s suffering from depression. He was more than just a superstar, he was a mega-star. Now, he’s reduced to this. I really feel sorry for him.

  • Don't mind me

    he sneezes and it flies across the room

  • Bones Jordan, Paige's man

    @ LIB, sweetheart doesn’t he still own the Beatles catalouge or no?

  • Bones Jordan, Paige's man

    @ Curly Fries, why feel sorry for a chester?

  • ESL

    LOL @ Dalia, “His poor nose”

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlWNBCPkiWQ leave it be

    bonesie…he sold some of the songs to nike…more of a reason for karma to get him…he wouldnt sell them to paul mccartney…..

  • up2nogood

    What in the unmanly hell is he. Wow. Once he left neverland he didn’t even look back. He don’t care. He too busy mooching off other peoples money, and looking for the next suckar.

  • DC

    michael jackson is not a child molester. if he was, they would have been able to prove it in court. period.

  • lainy

    I get the I have worked all of my life and I am taking a break but when you are Michael Jackson and going broke it is time to start making some music for somebody. Dang does he think it is all going to pay for itself?

  • DC

    and you can’t say ‘he paid them off’ if you’re hollering that he’s broke, because people were claiming that he was broke back then too. either he is or he isn’t. make up your minds already.

  • lainy

    another thing, when you have money to waste to have your entire face reconstructed then I guess I can’t feel so bad.

  • anonymous

    michael jackson, the man who owns his music as well as the beatles’, going broke? LMAO!! and you people actually believe this? LMAO!!! yeah, americans are idiots that will believe anything you tell them.

  • anonymous

    how many of you are facing eviction or foreclosure right about now? even if this is true, which it’s not, at least michael owns other homes. your broke asses would be right on the sidewalk.

  • crazy black lady

    michael’s nose is dead….

  • http://yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    okay, at everyone saying that mike aint broke. when you aint broke, you don’t just walk away from your home and let it go into for closure. you sell it if you dont’ want it to be there anymore. also, do we not remember all of the lawyers and different people that were suing him a while back? And as far as the songs go, I don’t know. Last time I heard anything about that catalog, a lot of songs had been sold from it. sooo….non of us really know for sure what his finances are but I know what it looks like.

    also, for the person who said that he aint a child molester becuase they could not convict him must live on another planet. Remember OJ? Just like there are alot of wrongly convicted people, there are alot of guilty people that are able to beat the system.

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