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Was Ashanti really getting stalked…or is her block-game just weak?

Ashanti’s Alleged Stalker Says The Singer Wasn’t Clear That Advances Were Unwanted

Ashanti’s alleged stalker is still representing himself in court on trial for repeatedly sending the R&B songstress lewd, unwanted messaged. But the alleged creep says the whole thing has been blown out of proportion and it’s the singer’s own fault, since she never made it known that the interaction was unwanted by blocking all communication. Via PageSix:

Ashanti’s failure to block her alleged stalker on Twitter was a “foolish” mistake.

Devar Hurd — a crazed fan of the “Foolish’’ singer who once sent an X-rated photo of himself to Ashanti’s mom, hoping it would get to her daughter — told Manhattan jurors Monday that the singer must have welcomed his raunchy tweets because she failed to block him.

“I believe evidence will show me tweet [about] adult-to-adult consensual sex, lovemaking and emotional heartbreak with the same complainant,” said Hurd, who is representing himself.

Hurd argued that because he was one of the Long Island-born singer’s 1.75 million Twitter followers, he was just “socializing.”

“I simply had non-violent, non-threatening written communication on a Web site made just for socializing,” Hurd contended. “She could have ended the communication if she wanted by blocking me.”

Prosecutors say Hurd has been obsessed with Ashanti for years.

They say she consistently requests extra security whenever she visits New York and that the tweets made from his account to hers made the artist’s mother and manager, Tina Douglas, “terrified of what might happen next.”

After Hurd had the opportunity to cross-examine several of the prosecutor’s witnesses, tweets from his account were read out loud for jurors.

They showed that he tweeted the singer everything from benign messages regarding the BET Music Awards to sexually explicit details of what he would do to her sexually if given the chance.

Basically…sounds like the average, run of the mill Twitter thirst. Could it have all been avoided if Ashanti’s block game was stronger?



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