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Denzel and Pauletta Washington were spotted leaving Mr. Chow in Hollyweird this weekend. Denzel has been looking a tad bit scruffy lately, but we’re sure the ladies don’t mind a little five o’clock shadow coming from him.

In other Denzel news, his movie “The Great Debaters” will get no play at the White House:

The highly praised film, starring Oscar-winners Washington and Forest Whitaker, was just nominated for eight NAACP Image Awards. But a memo from the White House’s Paris Dennard, which this column has seen, says that “there will not be a screening here at the White House. I could not get time on President Bush or Mrs. Bush’s calendars.”


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  • X-man


  • aqueenwaits

    D is sooooooooooooooooo HOT that it doesn’t matter. And YES, he’s still the man. As for the other folks, they can just bite it. They don’t have any taste anyway. The truth is still the truth.

  • Lady Architect

    of course they have no time for a movie that shows a black school historically beating out a white school the biggest ivy league school at that in a debate. Surely the the president and his wife are too busy looking pretty for the cameras while stealing oil from other countries….why would they have time?

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  • Bird

    No one can accuse Denzel of being a slave to fashion. Dude wears whatever the hell he wants.

  • MissDee

    Where is PETA!?!?

  • Dalia

    So what if the Bushes don’t view the film? Does that mean that the nation won’t consider it a good film?

    Hell no.

    What the Bushes watch doesn’t matter at all to anybody.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Denzel looks good no matter what he has on. Kanye told you that Bush doesn’t care about black people. Yall forgot? Of course he don’t want to see a black movie. I bet when Obama wins, he’ll make time for black films in the white house!

  • Nation

    Such a beautiful couple!!! So nice that they have managed to keep their love alive in Hollywierd. Black love is so beautiful!

  • The Goddess

    I can’t say that I’m surprised. Anything involving non-whites is NEVER a priority for the President/government. Anything that effects or benefits minorities never seems to be important to the president, so it doesn’t surprise me that viewing this movie isn’t on their agenda either.

  • The Goddess

    Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Denzel, and love that he and his wife still appear to be happily married after so many years. Hooray for them!!!!

  • ofcoursnot

    That’s not scruffy, that’s HAPPY AS HELL!

  • andie

    so what?

  • arasiam

    They are a great couple. But what’s with the cat she’s carrying?

  • leave it be

    beautiful couple

  • L.A 2 N.YC

    A film like this has been needed for a long time. Black people are typecast so negative in the media to the point to where it now sickens me!!!. I want to commend both Mr. Washington and Mr. Whittaker for such a fine film and superb acting! This movie should be made a requirement for young people and especially young black people before they can graduate highschool. No doubt worthy of an Oscar, and if they don’t win then Hollyweird can burn in hell!!

  • Miss J.D.


  • Sidebar Ting

    Umh I thought he was a Republican… What a shame!

  • Bohwe

    Man, how can Bush be called a racist? When he has made Condi and Colin Powell prominent people in the world, and the minister that says the prayers for official meetings is black. Just because he’s not publicly sucking up to black people does not mean him and his wife are racists. That’s an insult to say that.

    Maybe he didn’t want to see the film, just like there are black people that won’t go see the film. Who cares?

    And as far as Kanye saying that Bush doesn’t like black people, that was wrong, when Katrina aftermath wasn’t Bush’s fault. How come the mayor didn’t have a better Emergency Plan. Don’t blame the President for that.

  • tlatrice

    I didn’t even realize that they screened movies at the White House. Surely they don’t screen every movie that’s released because then they’d just be watching movies all the time.

    Since I’m not a movie buff, I fail to see why this is newsworthy.

  • and another one.......

    Denzel can get it all day and all night. His wife is one lucky lady.

  • Dalia (Take That Pic Of Lil Kim Down!)

    I love Denzel and, especially, because he has kept his wife by his side all these years. He didn’t trade her for a younger woman or a woman of another nationality, like some black men I could name.

    They are a great couple and I don’t even think that it’s an act, either.

  • EZ Rawlins

    Damn, Pauletta is gorgeous. Man! Four kids and she still keeps things looking tight and tasty. Good grief. It’s no wonder D-Money hasn’t traded her for some eurasian young thang; who could he find that looks better than his wife? He’s already on top – no further improvement possible!

  • ABC

    It is nice to see such a handsome man with an average looking woman. Usually it is the other way around.

  • miss thang

    I agree EZ Rawlins…I’ve seen the word ‘average’ thrown around in regards to her, but that is just an opinion I guess. To me she is actually ABOVE average, because the average looks light bright and almost white with hair to match. Denzel, Usher, Sam Jackson etc. all have very beautiful wives!

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