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Father Charged With The Murder And Rape Of His 8-Year-Old Daughter

An Alabama community is rightfully outraged after DNA results have reportedly revealed that the father of an 8-year-old girl who was brutally murdered back in September is actually the one who took her life.

via Fox10 News Alabama

FBI officials say Hiawatha Robinson has been arrested and charged with murder and sodomy in connection to the death of his daughter, 8-year-old Hiawayi Robinson.

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich held a press conference in conjunction with FBI Special Agent in Charge Rob Lasky, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Director Spencer Collier and Prichard Police Chief Bernard Parrish.

Robinson was initially reported missing September 16 by Prichard police. That same day, she was captured in surveillance video buying candy at a convenience store three blocks away from the St. Stephens Woods apartment complex.

The time stamp in the video shows that was around 4:04 p.m. Investigators believe that was the last time the little girl was seen alive.  She was found dead after two days of intense searching, behind a nearby abandoned building near Rebel Road.

The public works employee who made the discovery said she was naked, lying on her back face up and in a trash pile.

Back in October, Robinson talked with FOX10 News, saying he “missed all the good times” with his daughter.

Additional reports claim DNA evidence led police to the disgusting find that her father was the person who took her life.

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The girl was found dead on September 8th of this year, leading to a manhunt to determine who committed the horrible act. Police say that not only did the child’s father kill her, he also sexually assaulted her in the process.

“S*domy is that he, being an adult, engaged in deviant sexual intercourse with a person less than 12-years-old,” Rich said.

Even more startling is the fact that the child died during the assault, all at the hands of the man who was supposed to be protecting her.

Hiawatha Robinson, the little girl’s father, is now in protective custody at the Mobile Metro Jail, where he is being charged for the serious crime. The girl’s official cause of death is suffocation.

Former Prichard Police Chief Mike Rowland told News 5 that they took samples of the family members’ DNA and many other suspects in the community to determine who might have committed the crime.

It took 13 weeks to process the samples, and that’s when it was determined that the father committed the crime.

May justice be served for this precious little girl who’s life was cut short.



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