University Of Sydney Professor Resigns Over Racist Emails

Race Matters: University Of Sydney Professor Resigns After Calling Nelson Mandela A ‘Darky’ & Mocking ‘Chinky-Poo’ Chinese People In Emails

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Bye (racist) beyotch!

University Of Sydney Professor Resigns Over Racist Emails

An Australian professor is out of a job today after he finally resigned following the release of several racist emails. In them Prof. Barry Spurr labels Nelson Mandela a “darky”, calls Chinese people “chinky-poos” and Indigenous Australians “human rubbish tips.”


The Guardian reports:

The University of Sydney professor Barry Spurr has resigned from his post after racist and sexist emails, sent from his work account, were published by a news website.

Spurr last week reached a confidential agreement with New Matilda, the independent news website that published the emails, after taking the case to the federal court and demanding the emails be returned to him.

He had also demanded no further correspondence be published and that the emails published on the news website be taken down. The court ordered that New Matilda be allowed to keep already published emails online but that no new emails be published.

In October Spurr dropped a bid to have the source of the emails revealed.

A two-sentence statement released by his employer on Thursday morning said: “University of Sydney announced that Professor Barry Spurr has submitted his resignation and the university has accepted it.

“At Professor Spurr’s request, the university will provide no further comment on this matter.”

Spurr had been under pressure to resign after calling people racist names in the emails such as “Abo’s” and “chinky-poos”.

He described the prime minister, Tony Abbott, as an “Abo lover”, writing that he would have to be surgically separated from his “Siamese twin”, Australian of the Year and Aboriginal, Adam Goodes.

He also labelled Indigenous Australians “human rubbish tips” and described Nelson Mandela as a “darky”.

The university immediately launched an investigation when the emails were first published, and in a statement at the time said: “Racist, sexist or offensive language is not tolerated at the University of Sydney”.

In his submission to court, Spurr repeated his argument that the emails were a “whimsical” word game with colleagues and friends. He argued New Matilda was in possession of “stolen” information as he did not believe the emails were forwarded to the news site, but rather hacked.

Every (racist) thing done in the dark eventually comes to light.

SMH, do better!



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