Snoop’s Family Values

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Posh Spice was concerned that Snoop Dogg would have a negative influence on her husband David Beckham and their family. Snoop managed to change her opinion through his new show:

“But now she’s seen my (reality TV) show, and I think I’m cool with her now that she knows that I’m family orientated, that I have a structure and a wife.

Damn, everyone wants to befriend those Beckhams. Victoria should be concerned with her bandmate’s sexual escapades on stage. We’re sure her sons were greatly influenced by that.


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  • moviewatcher

    I’m so over “reality” tv

  • just watching ya'll

    yeah, that reality is so dammnn scripted! it’s hurts the eyes and ears .. the only reality show i’m still checking for is amazing race – they don’t have any time with the time limit/crunch to stut the cameras

  • Dalia

    Snoop hasn’t got any values…..period.

  • Shan

    Who cares?! NEXT!!!

  • Becky

    David is totally swoon!!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT HOT

    as you people would say, “he is all a dat girl, dat boi could get it” lol

  • Becky

    David is totally swoon!!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT HOT

    as you people would say, “he is all a dat girl, dat boi could get it” lol

  • Strong Black Man

    lol @becky….

    Babysitters are negative influences…hint, hint

  • http://n686566290_517575_435 Re

    @ Just watching ya’ll: I KNOW, LOL. If you call sporting a chain with a gun pendant, music video’s with half naked girls, and frequenting the Howard Stern show to judge the size of women ta-ta’s family structure…alrighty then 🙂 I love Snoop but lets not fake the funk here

  • Black Fitness Queen

    Sorry, but that show is boring as hell. Put my ass to sleep!

  • Black Fitness Queen

    I’d let Dave hit it, tho….he is one cutie!

    Victoria, fall back!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I watched the show for the first time this weekend and it’s kinda boring. Didn’t realize his wife was as ghetto as she is and that they are so narrowminded. It was embarassing watching them in that German restaurant just dogging the food without even trying it. When I went to Germany, I was a bit skeptical about the food, but after trying several things, it wasn’t bad at all.

  • im so pretty


  • SIX Shooter (Pop)


  • miss thang

    I watched the show and it seems fake but the wife does NOT appear to be anymore ghetto than Sharon Osbourne or Hulk Hogan’s wife. I didn’t catch the German episode but I have sampled their food and Ich habe keine idee about that damn karttofelnsalat. Sorry, but hold the vinegar in my potato salad puhleeze! lmao…

  • miss thang

    Oh and Posh needs to shut the hell up. She is no good role model for anyone her damn self. Ol’ anorexic dried up worst dressed skank..

  • Southern Belle 225

    And why would Snoop care about what Posh spice thinks? We all pretty much knew how snoop and the family would be before the show aired so none of this is a surprise. Oh, wait, it is a surprise that they are more ghetto and ignorant than we thought. but yall know what i mean.

  • DROCK (Best Believe Sistas in 08 don't need all that Weave!!)


    TELL IT 504!!!! TELL IT!!!

  • Afiya

    I’m beginning to like this show…he has a genuine love for his wife…something that I didn’t think really existed in his world.

  • V

    Stars are so slow…they all just past the limelight torch around until their turn is over.

    Why does Snoop even care what she thinks about his household? That’s not even worth commenting on.

    I guess Tom Cruise & the Hollywood crew are alright?

    VB needs to worry about how the people in her country bag her, call her a “skank” & talk about her shedding extensions everywhere she goes.

    She ran over here because their star was fading a bit fast over there & David playing soccer came right on time.

    She needs be thankful about Mel B’s happenings too….

  • ABC

    I don’t see how she handles it. He may not cheat on her now, but he did for many years. I couldn’t stay in a situation like that, regardless of the money. I wouldn’t fall for him being sweet in my face and calling me boss lady to make me feel strong and important. Hopefully, he has realized what he has and treats her right now.

  • nustarr

    i like posh…but she dont have any room to talk about someone being a bad influence to David….especially since her fine husband was cheating on her bony butt….with the NANNY!!!

    if that aint calling the kettle black….

  • athena Free MJB's impersonator

    David is fine as hell!!!!

  • Sami

    HATERS!!!! So what if the show is scripted, I bet you all sit and watch the Hulk, Osbournes and Lord help you if you watch I love new york…whatever Snoop did yesterday should stay there…….haters like trying to keep people where they are comfortable with them..HATERS!!

  • dezeNuts

    that paint stained shirt and chewed up collar on ole boy beckum costs more than my rent! ain’t that a bytch!

  • Morpheus

    I’m tired of this overrated, over the hill footballer!!!

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