Ho Sit Down: Pastor Manning’s Throwback

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Is this a joke? Here’s a little throwback clip of a preacher discussing the “fickle negros” and how they have turned on the Clintons for the “Half-white boy”. This guy gets a “Ho Sit Down”. And yes, a Reverend can also be a ho.

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  • Canus


  • athena Free MJB's impersonator

    Imma co-sign. and first

  • Kdogg

    Is he less black than the Clintons?

  • Canus

    This is worse than the funeral I went to for an 8-month old child, and the preacher’s sermon was about how he pawned his rings on Candler Rd in Atlanta.

    Too ashamed.

  • athena Free MJB's impersonator

    i mean, second. :}

  • elle

    who is they?

    and people don’t have the right to be “free thinkers”

    you’d be a fool not to look at all prospects before making a serious decision. since when is Hilary Clinton a posster child for black people?


    the church needs the spirit.

  • Darth Paul

    Hell yeah. MOST Revs are hos, if you check the record.

  • Hilary's Fake Cry

    There will *always* be overseer’s for the Massa

    QUICK somebody check those young boyz behind him for violations!!!


  • Dalia (Take That Pic Of Lil Kim Down!)

    This is a disgrace before God and lightening should hit him and set that grease in his hair on fire!

    This is why black people MUST reject so-called “black” leaders telling them how to vote.

    This man should be ashamed of himself and his congregation should fire him!

  • AND...

    “the negro peope”… he does know it’s 2008 right?

    WOW. He even had the audacity to say black ppl are untrustworthy and unstable? “this is not racist or anything, praise the lord” huh!?!?! Seriously I didn’t know ppl like this were still around. I mean I knew we had som crazies but dayum.

  • Dina

    This is a classic example of why people are losing faith in churches, when you have lunatics up in the pulpit spouting off Lord knows what.

  • AND...

    Hey don’t say it here. Click on the link again and in the upper right hand corner of the youtube page there is another link called minisaiah in blue. It will take you to his page where you can leave a comment.

  • http://roedaltonjr@comcast.net Roe ski love

    I thought politics and religion did not mix. Also was that his sermon on first sunday? I didn’t hear one amen at all. This type of rhetoric is what discusses me. No one goes to church to here your political beliefs pushed on them. Educated COONING at its best.

  • Pastor Manning's Hairline

    I just wanna know why nobody ain’t been checking for me since I been gone?

  • Big C Here

    He sounds like that dude on that show ‘The Boondocks’. The guy with the krazy eye. Kinda looks like him too, for real!

  • Lauren

    sad, oh so sad

  • im so pretty

    Damn your right ”roe ski love” i thought the two didn’t mix.i dont know what to say for my people anymore.oh i forgot, did anyone take out the time to look at his baldind hair

  • John

    I’m carefull of what I say about a Preacher,But, This fool must be crazy!!! He didn’t get struck down by lightning did he?? Man the things people say without thinking, Its shameful, simply shameful!!!

  • truself

    We should start a campaign for Obama called “STOP black on Black Crime”. It’s a damn shame when black people not only kill each other but shoot eahc other down for success.

    If you do not vote for Obama it’s a black on black crime.

  • tlatrice


    OK, now that I’ve picked up my bottom lip and started to breathe again (because I was just holding my breathe for a minute…just in shock), I tried to listen to him and put this in the context of a sermon.

    I THINK…

    …he was being sarcastic.

    Persoanlly, I need to hear the whole thing to decide because it sounds like he was saying somethin before hand that would have tied into this being sarcasm.

  • truself

    White people have always supported each other on issues just as race a lone but we are urged not to vote black.

    hillary will just make more ways for minorirties to not succeeed by handeding them a welfare check.

    And she has not said a thing on illegal immigration. Everyone keeps acting stupid like the only illegals are hispanic. It is bigger than them. We have to make immigration laws to protect us from terrorist and other dangerous illegals, as well not just hispanics.

    Church and religion should nto mix. Money talks!!!!

  • DR. FUNK

    Points up the TOTAL IDIOCY of organized religion.

  • baeyaki

    wtf the sad thing is that he is mentally ill, and yet the real CRAZIES are the ones sitting there listening as if it makes since!!!!

  • DR. FUNK

    Two things I hope occur as result of this election.

    1)Black voters hit the dump button on the Democratic

    Party in LARGE NUMBERS.

    2)Organized religion…and especially THE BLACK

    CHURCH end up even more marginalized & irrelevant.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    This is sick. I mean if you don’t want to vote for Obama because you don’t believe in his tatics or his views than fine, to each your zone, however when you are the leader of a church, your own personal political views shouldn’t be forced upon others. Stick to the word and not your own personal perfrences on who you think is what. He should be disgraced. And then you have these people who hangs on every word of thier preacher or pastor, giving them thier last dime and not able to think for themselves becasue they feel that this man is a servant of God, when in actuality this man, are using these people for his own personal use.

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