In Aint-Isht Police News: Cops Handcuff 10-Year-Old Black Girl With Guns Drawn While Arresting Mother’s Friend For Drug Possession

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Police Handcuff Innocent 10-Year-Old Black Girl During Drug Bust

A Connecticut woman is rightfully outraged after learning that police had her 10-year-old daughter handcuffed with guns drawn while arresting the adult that she was with on drug charges.

via Fox News St. Louis

A young girl was put in handcuffs when a family friend she was with was arrested in Middletown, CT.

Kenneth Ford, 27, of Middletown, is a friend of the girl’s mother and was helping drive the fifth grader to basketball practice.

According to the arraignment report from the Middletown Police Department, on Wednesday, Dec. 17, the department’s narcotics unit tried to serve Ford, a convicted felon, with an active arrest warrant. Detectives located Ford at the Woodrow Wilson Middle School at around 7:45 p.m. and saw him go into the school, where he stayed for several minutes.

Police continued to follow Ford for an hour.  Ford first went to Biefield, where he met with someone in a Jeep Wrangler. Police saw Ford hand the other person an item, and the other person gave him money. Ford then drove back to the school and went inside.

At around 8:45 p.m. Ford left the school with a female, who was later identified as a 10-year-old girl. The two got in the car and drove to the South Main Liquor Store, left the car running with the girl inside and went into the liquor store.

At this point police decided to engage the suspect, and waited outside the store for him. When he came out the police identified themselves and one detective drew a gun. Ford is a convicted felon who is known to carry handguns.

The police then reportedly apprehended the man before handcuffing the 10-year-old girl.

Ford was then handcuffed. Meanwhile, the girl was in the car screaming. A detective asked her to get out of the car, and then put her in handcuffs. Ford asked the detective to call the girl’s mother, who verified that she was 10 years old. According to Canna Chaney, the girl’s mother, the handcuffs were on her daughter for a while before she received the call.

Canaa Chaney, the girl’s mother, says Ford is an old friend and was helping her out because she just moved to Connecticut from North Carolina three weeks ago and doesn’t have a car.

Cory Brinson, the lawyer that Chaney retained in this case, said police picked an inappropriate time to arrest Ford. “They watched him pick her up from the school. They could have executed this warrant at another time, but did not and put her in harm’s way. Threw her up against the car, handcuffed her, drew their guns and scared her half to death. It didn’t have to happen like that,” Brinson said.

When police searched the car and Ford they found four cell phones, gold teeth, seven baggies of crack cocaine weighing .565 ounces and $2882 in cash.

Obviously the man being arrested is heavily to blame for engaging in all of this criminal activity with a child in his care and the mother should certainly be more selective with whom she allows to be responsible for her child, but SURELY these officers could tell that this young girl was a child and not an adult accomplice.

What are your thoughts on this incident, Bossip fam?

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