Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Side Piece Sues

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This is some dumb ish right here. Ola Ray, the jheri-curled side piece in Michael Jackson’s‘ ground-breaking ‘Thriller’ video wants her cut of the royalties. Damn girl, how late are you? Michael’s not even black or a man anymore and you’re trying to collect? Flip the script for more

The chick who starred as Michael Jackson’s female date in the “Thriller” video is suing Jacko and his production company — claiming she hasn’t been paid royalties from the legendary video.

We spoke to Ola Ray’s attorney, who tells us the former Playboy Playmate is suing for breach of contract because she claims she never got her cut of the “Thriller” profits.

We’re told Ola’s not sure exactly how much she’s owed — her accountants will figure that out.

Ola sit your broke @ss down with this ish.



In other Wacko Jacko news:

They say Jacko will bust his ass if he tries to perform. He is not stable and too frail to do the Moon Walk:

Skinny Michael Jackson has reportedly been told he is too frail to embark on his mega comeback shows. The Sun report that doctors said Wacko is 20lb underweight and needs to bulk up before his 50-date run of performances, which will include his famous dance routines. The 50-year-old King Of Pop is also battling an old back injury,… …takes antibiotics for a skin infection and wears a mask when he goes out to keep bugs at bay. Not exactly the picture of health, poor thing. The Sun quote a source as saying: “There are concerns Michael is too frail. He has been ordered to eat more but he refuses to and eats like a bird.”

The shows will mark Wacko’s first performance since a dodgy stint at the 2006 World Music Awards, where he only managed to sing a few lines of ‘We Are The World’. Reports say he is insisting on having live animals with him on stage and is planning to perform with his 12-year-old son Prince.

Michael better dance. Hell, he spent a bunch of that money the first week.


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  • yaya


  • Golden Goddess

    Wow!! She waited so long..

  • Huh?

    THE FUNK OF 40,000 YEARS!!!!

  • Robert Watson

    It’s too darn late. She should have sued him back in the 1980’s.

  • http://www.imeem.com/mrslatiayates missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    She’s dumb late. Like trying to collect child support when the “kid” is 50 yrs old!
    She must be hurting, cause she’s reaching right now… GTFOH…


    John Landis, the director, filed suit recently too. She must have gotten wind of that and now she’s coming out of the woodwork for her cut. I need to see if I can find a picture to see how she’s looking these days. Probably all doughy and used up.

  • http://perttyblackg@netscape.com prettyblackg

    is she sueing for that outfit or hair, she should have went after jackco when he was BLACK

  • john hope franklin

    post a new picture of her…it would be interesting to see

  • Back On My Swag


  • Young Obama

    @Royal Chocolate

    Jacko is crazy but he’s far from broke.


    Doubt she’s gonna win.

  • Robert

    @PM Ha,HA-Co-sign

  • Robert

    @John Hope Franklin-That is interesting.I think I,m going to try and find something.Thats a great point

  • Gloks Sugar Plum

    Yall keep saying she late…There royalties they came later in life,.gosh you ghuys didnt eat you coo ccoo for coco puffs this morning did you

  • john hope franklin

    post the link if/when you find it…

  • la vida

    i knew this tour would bring out the best of our handgrabbers, just a
    matter of time, which i why Mike waas smart enough to move to England.
    and regarding his health these niccas in the press will damn near try to tell
    people ANYTHING tomake them return their tickets, IT SO NEGATIVE IN THE US

  • Nigga Said

    Sueing is a full time job in a recession. I suggest everyone find something to complain about and sue the wealthiest person you can find. I’ve done it twice this year and made enough money to stay unemployed for 2 more years.

  • mzsweetface

    Is she still cracked out or something? You only have so many years to prosecute. So sad.

  • MJ

    geez that chick from the Way You Make Me Feel is C-R-A-Z-Y. you guys should look for her MySpace. she has photoshopped pictures of her & Michael. smh. but i do think Ola Ray is broke. Michael use to write her checks for $4,000 out of his own good will (even though he obviously had more). i dont understand why she deserves royalties tho (i know thriller was a huge hit). John Landis, yes, Ola Ray, no.

  • About it

    Michael’s not even black or a man anymore and you’re trying to collect?




    People,please just say no to drugs!

  • eveinthegarden

    FlashinBACK~~~Ola was THE BADDEST chick in the game when Thriller hit. Eeeeeeeeeerrrrrr’body was trying to jock her style back then. The Jheri, the fitted capris and red pumps…Every girl that loved Michael Jackson WISHED they could be OLA OLA OLA.

  • Christmas Jones

    @About it…I see you homie, I see you! lol


    eveinthegarden, got a point. Ola came outta nowhere and everybody was feelin’ her. I remember thinking, “Damn, Mike has GOT to be smashing them cookies.” Okay, I was young … and naive…

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