Rocks: Paula Abdul Says “I’m a Old School Pro When It Comes to Dope”

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Posted by Bossip Staff

We have been wondering if Paula was on painkillers, but she straight up couldn’t tell anyone that she had a drug addiction, until now:

In a shocking new interview, Paula Abdul reveals that her reliance on painkillers got so bad she could have died. As a dancer, Abdul, 46, says she turned to a combination of painkillers — including regular shots of lidocaine — and Chinese medicine to get her through her grueling routines. “I couldn’t cancel my tour. I didn’t want anyone to count me out,” she says in June’s Ladies’ Home Journal. “I tried to keep everything hush-hush.” Adds Abdul, “I’m an old school professional. Never let them see…… you sweat.” But that became increasingly difficult for Abdul, who had suffered debilitating pain caused by an unusual series of accidents (including a cheerleading mishap at 17 that injured a disc in her neck). By 2005, she was diagnosed with “reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome,” a chronic neurological disorder that causes severe pain. It resulted in teeth-chattering and shingles-like lesions. Abdul says she wore a patch that delivered a pain medication about 80 times more potent than morphine and took a nerve medication to relieve her symptoms. Sometimes, she adds, she also took a muscle relaxer. “I could have killed myself,” Abdul tells the magazine. “Withdrawal – it’s the worst thing. I was freezing cold, then sweating hot, then chattering and in so much pain. It was excruciating.”

Hollyweird doctors diagnose people with all kinds of new diseases just so they can distribute drugs. Also, there has already been talk of Abdul leaving American Idol, so this addiction confession revelation might help hurry that process. SMH

Peep her acting an ass on a morning new show a few years back…still comedy today.

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  • Journey

    I’m Sorry but aint nobody checkin for Paula.


    This is almost as funny as a similar interview a reporter did with James Brown. He was LIT as a mah’focka. Incoherent and had lost all control of his tongue. Look it up on YouTube if you’re not familiar.

  • em

    sorry but eminem did this already yesterday…and 3rd 😀

  • prettyblackg

    woooooooowwww, such a shock shes in drugs

  • prettyblackg

    damn i mean on drugs

  • prettyblackg

    oooppps, i mean darn, lol

  • http://LOvelyLIPS Stace

    TOOOOOP TEn! Im going to get it when it really matters.

  • Lavatorylady

    OK, this is like when Clay Aiken “came out” of the closet. Everyone already knew the deal. Is anyone really shocked? Really?

  • Nigga Said

    Straight up now tell me. Do you really want to be on American Idol forever?

  • Fly Guy (Pimp of the Year)

    Paula was bangin back in the day. Skeet skeet.


    Clay Aiken came out of the closet!?!

  • NY2CaliLVN

    if she had on a red wig she would look like Ariel The Little Mermaid lmoas

  • me (the original)®

    Is she really white? I thought she was like Syrian or something?

  • wtf

    i woulda beat that a long time ago when she was dancing wit the cartoon cat…. owwww

  • http://Bossip Chitown

    SHe is Cuban.

  • onion61

    I have RSD and the pain is real; it made me have a heart attack! She needs to come here to Philly and see the pioneer of this new treatment for people with RSD. She doesn’t have to be on all those painkillers or in all that pain anymore. Trust me, I know because I used to be on that same patch and had to take all those pain pills with it too. The human body isn’t made to endure that kind of pain daily. Dr. Schwartzman saved my life and many others. Plenty celebs come here to see him for their RSD so that they can get better and maintain their dignity. She has an option it’s up to her to take it.

  • john hope franklin

    ho sit down!!!

  • charlieblanko

    @me…her father is a syrian jew. her mother is a canadien jew….did a littl research before the post..”ya feel me”?

  • denne

    neurological conditions are very difficult to treat and it’s only now that the medical world is fully realizing the burden that nerve disorders and injuries place on our society. there’s not a bunch of drugs out there like there are for heart disease or diabetes and scientists still don’t know all the mechanisms in action in order to target them with drugs.

    a lot of times people want to say it’s psychological or there are drug seekers but some people are really in inexplicable excruciating pain. fentanyl patches are no joke… there’s no way she was taking all those pain killers before but isn’t on something now… she should just be honest…

  • GGooDie

    WTF does she have on?


  • Huh? (new on here but not 2 b confused with the other 1)

    I really like Paula Abdul. Good to hear she is doing better and I can’t believe she’s 46, she looks really young.

  • me (the original)®


    @me…her father is a syrian jew. her mother is a canadien jew….did a littl research before the post..”ya feel me”?

    I hear you 😉

  • crazychris

    everybody in hollywood does drugs.

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