Amazing Amie Who?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Take a gander at the newest Show Magazine spread, Amazing Amie. People are calling her the next Coco, …like that’s a badge of honor. Even though these cakes look good enough to eat, we must think of modern technology. Look at her chicken legs in the photos underneath and let us know… Are These Cakes Even Real?

Pop the top and see more corn muffin on front street

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  • deesac

    Thats what I brother needs

  • ann

    I heared that once she was poor ,then she go to_____Meet Wea lthy com______ to seeking for rich men to date.Finally she found a very rich man to marry. I don’t know whether it is true.

  • tissha

    come on who really cares if she has a big booty, thats so sad how these women direspect theirselves by showing that they have a bigg booty they need to stop tryin so hard to get attention and go get a real JOB

  • DICooper

    11:11 if that’s you in the picture, you go.

    Anyway, the only thing that I love more than white women is pork. White women make my hair wave without the grease.

  • Journey

    Why do we glorify or give exposure to caucasian women with a disproportionate behind. Ugh…. I don’t get it.

  • Journey

    @Stop whining

    Come on you know it’s true.

  • missunderstood (f*ck some playoffs, I want my TV back!!!!)

    Fake, – affected, artificial, assumed, bogus, concocted, counterfeit, fabricated, fictitious, forged, fraudulent, invented, make-believe, mock, phony, pretended, pseudo*, reproduction, sham, simulated, spurious.
    a fake is a work of art that is deliberately made or altered to appear better, older, or other than what it is; a forgery is a fraudulent imitation of another thing that already exists.

    White hoes with fake asses, kill ya self. Ugh.

  • Denise

    This website is full of haters. It’s a white girl with a nice ass…And you’re saying she’s got chicken legs so it’s fake? THOSE are chicken legs??? She’s thick as f*ck!!

    I don’t see ya’ll talking about the n*gga that threw a baby out of a moving car the other day!!

  • deeznutz

    sooo….stop the hate.

  • john hope franklin

    she is holdin’

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • Re...Madvillain

    Well, it looks real…

  • JB (One More day until Physics Final!!)

    WHo cares if it is fake or not. SHe has now put herself out there by downgrading herself with pics like these, so my main man Glok can bust a wad all over them. But whatever, mamybe she can find a loser like Reggie Bush.

  • john hope franklin

    “the new phenomenon-white women with ass”…chris bridges…lol

  • Lita

    Just goes to show you that White people can’t help but want to be black. They want our style, our swagger. They secretly love everything about us. Blak people start trends and white people just copy off of them. Proven fact. They want to be Black, but without the skin color.

  • Stop whining


    Anyone who is secure and comfortable in thier own skin shouldn’t feel the need to cry and whine about someone else’s appearance.

  • Resurrected

    Am Legend

    Now pays if you want something you can just by it and there is nothing really, really in that, all it does is take ways from other cultures what first made them special and told out.. We are so consumed with the look of things we don’t care about the fakeness of if.

  • john hope franklin

    you sound fine lol…like most ethiopians are…

  • ImposterBitches

    stop hating ..she doesnt have chicken legs. and if its fake? its HER fake ass!

  • Stanley Parrish

    My wife would kill me if she knew.
    But I’m just passing through. I don’t even know how I got here

  • K-mia

    OMG, I know her, did a shoot with her a couple years backs…her cakes are real, hate if you want to.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Eventually, with all of the fake asses and fake tits and fake lips, brothers won’t know whats real and whats fake. along with all of the fake fronting comes a fake personality. I’d rather keep with the real sisters, blemishes and all.

  • john hope franklin

    we know fake breast…i might have to take a course in fake ass…not up on that one-kinda new in the game…

  • Thug Life

    “J-J Evans voice”

    This chick is DYNAMITE!

  • You Smell Me??

    @ Rrrroe Ski Love

    Im with you. I will take a real sista, with a real attitude, and a real ass, over a woman who looks like she was made by Mattel

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