Talent Gets Roles in Hollyweird

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Kerry Washington was chosen to replace Naomi Campbell in the upcoming Spike Lee film “Miracle in St. Anna”. Our girl Kerry never had a problem finding work. We wonder why the crybabies weren’t selected. Could it be that Spike Lee recognizes talent?


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    DAMN IT! 2ND


    spike lee knows talent well. you can call that man every name under the sun; but two things that can never fall out of your mouth, are that he doesnt know talent, and that he aint a good director.

  • Dalia (Take That Pic Of Lil Kim Down!)

    Good. Glad for Kerry, because Naomi Campbell can’t act. She only knows how to hit.

  • BostonBitty

    i love Kerry Wahington. Not a lotta beutiful brown sisters gettin work nowadays but Kerry’s been pushing her way thru. And i love Gabbi but i think when it comes to real dramatic roles, Kerry’s got her beat. But i still love Gabbi too.

  • k.c.

    Namio Campbell acting? Thats a good one. She should stick to modeling…..she is decent at that. Kinda old, but decent. I just dont think the girl is attractive AT ALL!!!! How and the hell is she even a model? Weird……..

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    It seems that she is interested in dating lesbian woman online. I am not sure weather it is true, but someone saw her on “www.femmate.com”

  • Saucy

    I agree with BostonBitty. Kerry is a true actress. Whatever role she plays, she’s believable whether is drama or comedy.


    She looks pretty.. Amazing…I saw she had a personal blog on INTERRACIALCHATTING.com with her hot pictures and blogs, a

    private site for diversely ethnic singles. The blog is updated very often. I think it may be ture.

  • Drizzle

    Yeah Yeah Yeah…Whatever…You guys ever noticed Spike Lee recycles actors he uses in his movies, hes real Bias when it comes to that…I think she got the role more for That Lesbian Movie she did with him, rather than her “talent”….Someone name me a good movie she was in??…

  • OMG

    I know the “crybaby” comment was in reference to Gabriel Union, and thats not a fair statement.. There is notthing crybaby-ish about wondering why its so easy for blacks to turn on and put down other blacks.. Blacks always want to talk about other groups holding them down or bashing/discriminating against them all the while forgetting how frequently and easily we will do it to ourselves.. We have, sadly, become our own worse enemies and fears…

    So she’s not a crybaby for questioning the level of jealousy and self hate among the black race…

    I think its a very legit question..

    So I guess I’m a crybaby too now.. Boo hoo hoo!!!

  • SMDH

    LOL – So Kerry’s your “girl” now?? Why?? because she broke up with her white boyfriend?? It seem like while she was with him you hatin ass black men who run this board couldn’t stand her..

    Well suprise – she’s with another one!!


  • bree

    her lollipop syndrome is getting out of hand..eat some damn food!

  • da darkness

    hah talent by being hoochies dats how you get roles in movies, whether white mexican black asian etc… thus what talent is needed to portray what i’m seeing more and more today is “basic instinct”

  • Ibn

    Thats wasup kerry is a good actress


    i think spike just didnt want to interrupt the “cry babies” very busy and demanding schedule with having to be seen at every damn club in the hollywood or adjacent areas

  • http://yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    I can’t stand this chick but she is a good actress. So with that said, congrats to her.

  • Nation

    Kerry was so good in ‘The Last King of Scotland’. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

  • BostonBitty

    @ SMDH

    Kerry got a new swirl? who? I dont blame her one bit!!

  • http://n686566290_517575_435 Re

    I agree, Kerry Washington is a good actress. But I’m going to have to say, that picture looks like Amy Winhouse meets Star Trek (see if ya’ll can figure out why, LOL)!

  • lindsey lohan

    kerry washington

    did she have her lips done

    they look so abnormal

    i dont think she is a beauty at all

    her lips jus

  • Oppie Cunningham

    Meh…I mean I like her and all I’d prefer to watch her then Gabrielle Union!

  • http://n686566290_517575_435 Re

    my bad, *Winehouse

  • V

    If Gabby wants to be taken seriously she shouldn’t say things like when you work w/a Black director they know how to fix your edges or know about weave, etc. We get it, but did she have to say that in an interview? I guess her main concern is her hair.

    …maybe she should grow some hair, keep some brown or Pre-Con gel w/a toothbrush in her purse & take some acting classes so she can stop playing the same smirking chick in every movie. I think she dug her own ditch.

  • lindsey lohan

    her lips just doesnt goes with her face

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