Gabby Guzzles Tequila on Cinco de Mayo

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than going to the DeLeon Tequila launch party and gettin’ bombed? Gabby worked the party and somehow maintained her classy steez even though the shots were flowing all night long. Flip the script for more party pics

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  • Balls Deep

    Is it me……or since Girlfriends fell off Tracy Ellis Ross can’t dress to save her life?

    Should be titled “Dude Where’s My Stylist”!

  • Bored @ Work

    Um.. okay

  • john hope franklin

    mortal kombat….flawless!!

  • Get Serious Bro Bro!

    I am so sick of weave!

  • john hope franklin

    she got me fooled…lol

  • lamissrox

    @get serious bro

    i feel you ! i was thinking the same thing. if u wanna wear weave than get a nice one , her weave is not cute and i think she would look so much better with a nice little haircut.

  • john hope franklin

    flawless i say!!!

  • Hannibal


  • Get Serious Bro Bro!

    @lamissrox. Thank you! She is very beautiful that stuff takes away from her beauty if you ask me. She is not the only one though.

  • Re...Madvillain

    Gabby, do you want my job? I don’t want it, and I know you’re wanting for one…

  • Illy

    Gabrielle said in Essence magazine how people treated her differently (saw her as smarter) with the short cut, but she never kept it up. She threw back in the weave. She’s still pretty.

  • pm

    damn she look great in this pic

  • Eyezknowdatruth


    Gabby_tell_all…….WOW!!!!! Thats a lot of fire coming at us….

    This is the power of the internet….You either love it or hate it….Someone who knows you can get an alias and put your business out there or a stan/wack job can just makeup whatever they want and have people thinking all kinds of stuff……Celebs post comments just like anyone else does…I am eyeznodatruth for a reason…..

  • Black Beauty

    I thought that she was supposed to be preggers with D.Wade’s baby, uh, I guess not. Oh well, she looks nice.

  • undressingHER

    best looking chocolate woman on the planet….over 30

  • Christmas Jones

    @Gabby tell all…she got herpes? Forreal?

    I thought she looked pretty and the weave was realistic looking. And her skin is always flawless.

    Hmmm, herpes though? Scary.

  • Sheila E

    Didn’t yall say she was preggers?

  • http://Bossip Cry Baby

    Gabriel is so cute. Stop tearing down the sister, she can do what and who she chooses. Look in the mirror at yourself first, then if you find no fault then talk. Until Shut Up!

  • Eyezknowdatruth


    When I said fire I meant that you was putting it all out there…..You did not hold back…LOL!!

  • Gabby_tell_all

    Sorry typo It’s LSLH not LHSH!! Carry on!!!

  • LovelyOne


    I want to hear more, more. You seem to know what your talking about I researched some of the ish you said, and it’s true. Please keep me informed.

  • Jaye ;-)

    The last time I remember seeing a post on Gabby Union I recall it saying she was pregnant. I doubt the mother-to-be would be downing TQ if that was the case. I swear… the rumor mill.

  • Young Obama

    @Gabby_tell_all – you dropping alot of info.I’m not sure if all that is true but it’s a good read.

    Gabby is pretty but there are a ton on better choco looking girls here in NYC, plus why is she’s always in the spotlight.

  • Carla

    Gabriel shouldn’t have a problem with attracting guys, she has dimples, lol

  • Bernadette

    I think gabby is a beautiful woman but she is in fact a fake. Gabby was the same one saying that the blogs lie about her when they say she is a hoe and a homewrecker but yet she shacks up with Mr. Wade(a married man) *smh* I think it is disgusting that Gabby would shack up with a married man with kids, but at the end of the day it dont mean sh!t because she doesnt have a ring or wedding plans. Desperate hoes kill me.

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