Relatively Speaking: 10 Ways To Have Better Family Bonds

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Tips For Better Family Relationships.

Some say family over everything, family is forever or family first. However you look at it, here are a few ways to enhance your family dynamic.




Check on the seniors in your life. Whether it’s your grandparents, great aunt and uncles, or older cousins, make sure the elderly in your family are okay. Call, them visit them, listen to them and lend a hand.

Reconnect with your cousins. Cousins are often our first best friends after siblings. But as we get older, we lose touch and barely know what’s going on in each other’s lives. Shoot your cousin a text, or meet for lunch. Catch up.







Get to know the kids in the family. Who’s starting kindergarten? Whose 8th grade dance is next week? Who’s graduating? Check in on the younger generation and let them know you’re there for them.





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    Sasha and Malia growing up fast.

    Visit the sick.  If you know someone in your fam is having health issues, go see about them. Tomorrow isn’t promised.


    Maybe someone is home from active duty and could use support.

    Find out your family history.


    Learn about how your family came to be in recent years. Find out what schools people attended, where they lived, who they married, who they had children with, where they worked, who they loved. Tell your family’s story.


    Forgive Your Parents. They may have made mistakes, but they did the best they could at the time.


    Understand that what your parents did or didn’t do was not your fault, and move on.


    Share your talents and common interests.




    If you have similar skills as some of your family members, work on projects together.




    Take those skills and look into starting a family business.


    Might as well get money as a family.


    Find your genetic roots!





    Ancestral / Genealogical DNA testing can get pricy, but wouldn’t it be cool to know exactly where in the world your lineage and makeup is from? 



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