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Last night, music video director “Little X” says he was nearly shot dead and solely places the blame on hip-hop music.

Video Director “Director X” Blames Hip-Hop For Generational Violence

The Toronto native didn’t specify exactly what happened, but he suggest that he was the victim of gun violence and has taken to Twitter and Instagram to voice his grievances.

Flip it over to read what X had to say about how his shooting was influenced by hip-hop culture.

Image via Instagram

X says in the caption:

I been silent long time. Let me tell yall straight. F*** YALL RAPPIN A** GANGSTA N*****!!! Yall gun talk has corrupted a generation. I almost dead tonight. My shirt has holes in it. Blood in it. But God love me. Mi live!!! F*** all yall gangsters! F*** yall follow fashion n*****! We live on the dark side. We got red light sabers. Hip hop did this! Mi bredren pray for me today. Save mi life. Inch to the lef mi dead. Watch 2015. Mi nah spare yall! Evil in our music. Evil in our lyrics. God wake me. Mi come fi yuh! Mi se God mission. Mi son almost lost his father today. This music is evil! This culture is evil! God guide me. 2015 I see it now. God guide my steps. Right on top of these fools.

Has hip-hop music truly corrupted this generation? Is music to blame for the lack of respect for human life?

Flip the page to read the rest of X’s rant via Twitter.

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