Better Love: 10 Tips For Dating In The New Year

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Dating is supposed to be fun.

Ways To Improve Your Dating Life

With everyone having more access to each other in the social media age, but practicing less human connection, the difficulties of dating may seem even more overwhelming than in previous years.

Here are a few ways to take control of your dating situations for the better.

If you’ve fallen for a player, cut them off!  SO many of us start off casually dating someone, catch feelings quickly,  and then begin to realize that our partner is actually community property. If their actions show you that they are involved with multiple people, it is what it is. Take your emotions with you and save your heart for someone who wants to be exclusive.

Is she the [only] one?


Stop making thing more than what they are. If someone is actively telling you that they don’t want to be exclusive, then they don’t.

Pay attention to what’s being said and done.


Commit to who’s best for you. If you have someone in your life that you see your future with and don’t want to lose, stop playing around.



Appreciate what you’ve got before it’s gone.


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    If you’re still just dating and looking? Try something new.



    Someone from another culture may find what they’re looking for in you.

    Date outside of your social circle. Sometimes we can’t help but to keep dating people that know each other because we don’t venture out of our networks.



    Love from opposite sides of town.


    Be willing to travel for love. Long distance can work, as long as there’s a plan to end the distance.


    Distant lovers can get close very quickly.




    Call. Don’t always text and type. Pick up the phone and talk to your one.




    Conversation drives connection.





    Don’t fear double dates or “couples night”.


    Some people don’t like to hang with other couples, but sometimes the way they relate to each other gives you fresh ideas for making it work in your own life.


    Get tested.


    Know your status so you can sex responsibly.


    Be honest. Be honest with yourself and whoever you’re dating about what you want. Let your actions match your words.

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