Are You Feeling this Get Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We really don’t know which ‘side’ Lenny’s on these days. Peep the boots. Look a little familiar? We think he’s been sharing shoes with Zoe. Pop the hood for more questionable pics

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  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society

    duh he always dressed “off”

  • Hannibal


  • scorpio

    It’s true. Always been an original. Love Lenny K.

  • ShavonDenise

    Lenny cawear wtf he wants to wear! One of my original crushes! Him and Prince are like the only “off” metro sexual dudes that can get it.

  • Christmas Jones

    Yes I’m feeling the get up. Hes fine, duh.

  • Shanelle

    From the ankles up. . .hellz yeah!

  • Told you so

    he always seemed to like those crazy boats…he’s just do’n him.

  • Mavvericks66

    Neva Fail!!!….Lenny is kool all day long!!

  • Yes

    To answer your question yes. I have never really cared for Lenny, but there is a rugged sexiness about this pic.

  • Told you so

    oops boots


    That whole family has a life-long commitment to the ‘bummy’ look.

  • tb

    LOL @ Sheila E….

    You took the words rigt out of my mouth

  • Sookie

    Doesn’t matter if Lenny is sportin a trash bag.

    The man is FINE. one of the sexiest men around.

    google his latest concert in France, and check out the pics of him standing shirtless in the doorway of his hotel room ladies. smokin hot… you’ll thank me…

  • Lady J

    Am I feeling his get up???? Hell Yeah!!!!

  • Chanel Shades

    I’m gladd he’s wearing pants and I’ll leave it at that. He gets a pass.


    What ‘side piece,’ GGooDie? You mean one of ’em ghouls he was dancing with? I gotta agree.

  • NEXT...Lalalove


    Now that’s how I like ’em. A bit rugged. Not too pristine!

  • barb

    on him? yes.

  • 2am

    He can leave those bootz on while he f*cks me in the kitchen

  • The Pope

    That is what everyone is going to be wearing this fall, it is called SUDANESE BOUNTY HUNTER

  • wtfever

    He’s fine, not typical and wealthy

  • barb

    wtfever only loves women who dress like men like whoopi and missy!

  • always knew

    LMAO@ Lenny’s lawn-mowing boots , that he shares with Zoe. Don’t mind me, he’s atractive but he and his daughter need help in the STYLE department…

  • always knew


  • Sim1

    He can do/wear whatever he wants. He can get that.

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