10 Ways To Find Out If Your Man Is A Certified Scrub

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Check out this hilarious ish about how to spot a man that’s on scrub status. Ladies beware. More

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  • Marquis de Sade


  • barb

    hey yall!


    3woo top 5 twitter.om/morena3210

  • *Treasure*

    Not having a vehicle and being unemployed is a definite sign that he is an unmotivated person. As soon as you hear that it is time to run.


    ‘Sandpaper on the retinas…’ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

  • LetsBReal

    That’s pretty great and I agree with all of the above, have witnessed all of the above, and sprinted away from all of the above. It’s the bare minimum, and some no class having heffa will keep them around just to say she has somebody, let her keep the trash

  • Philly

    i remember this CUTE guy i knew, but he fell into almost every category on that list. LMAO i noticed quickly, and ran the other direction, but i know some poor girl(s) in philly are taking care of that dude, I KNOW because he’s cute and women will do almost anything to say they have a ‘man’ that comes thru THEIR door a few times a week, sad but true. (i thank god for my hubby) 🙂

  • me (the original)®

    @ Treasure

    Hard Worker? Are you talking about the same dude who was doing it bum-style and living off of Superhead for a bit?

    FOR REAL?????

    Any ambition that punk had was abandoned long ago. The only hard work this dude puts in is the walk from his car to the crack house.

  • me (the original)®

    Have I mentioned I hate Bobby Brown?


    I love Whitney and I knew she was making a mistake when she got involved with this clown.

  • pm

    now a woman and be a worthless goldigger all day but when a man does it he wrong…Team Kfed and Bobby milk those hoes dry for all the men in the world..

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)


    Any man that asks or needs money from a woman is a jigalo. PERIOD. Every man I know that is a REAL man has said that a man should never ask a woman for money…

  • Brooke (The Chocolate Godess) Back from NYC

    Goddamn. k-fed can get it all day and all night…

  • Philly


    gender roles has definately been reversed. men used to take care of women, now men expect women to take care of them????? NO WAY JOSE!!!! (and its a shame but black men are KING for this mentality)

  • Darkesthourglass

    It’s the cute scrubs that gets these naive girls. He already knows he don’t have to do shit. LOL, at the “transistion” and making an album part. I see that on Divorce Court a lot and it’s usually a brother.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Blue Topaz

    To Funny!

  • me (the original)®


    now a woman and be a worthless goldigger all day but when a man does it he wrong…


    It’s wrong no matter who does it. Male or female.


    pm, you ever hit up ebaum’sworld and listen to that crank call a radio station made to a redneck down South telling him that they were gonna go in a new direction and start reaching out to the Black community so they would start attending more NASCAR races? The disc jockey told the redneck ‘Soul Glo’ was gonna be a new endorser and they had a sound byte of the commercial playing in the background. ‘SOOOOOOUUUUUL GLO’!!!!! They were telling him the commercial would be playing at the races on tv. You should listen to that. The redneck got heated and was cussin’ like a mutha. “Can’t we have ONE sport to ourselves?!?” It’s the funniest crank call ever.

  • Brooke (The Chocolate Godess) Back from NYC

    Top 10 signs the woman you’re dating is a scrub.

    Let’s get it……

    #11: She thinks getting her GED is some sorta code of Honor cuz she stay statements like “Ni**a I gotta GED!!!” lol


    Damn, Brooke. It’s like that?


    #12: She’s appeared on ‘Judge Joe Brown’ as a defendant.

  • Philly

    @Brooke (The Chocolate Godess) Back from NYC

    you are a disgrace!!!! how can you be a woman, going in on other women, knowing good and god-d@mn well women get played and used more than men. i guess its true whem its said that WOMEN ARE WOMEN’S WORST ENEMY!! JUST SHUT UP CHICK!!


    Don’t listen, Brooke. I’m loving you right now.

  • Name (required)

    and to think I knew of folks like that. sad


    #13. She frequents meeting rooms at prisons to try and find a man.

  • pm

    @AWWWW.. I will have to listen to that, i love a cheap laugh

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