Bizarro World: 20 Weirdos Who Spent Thousands To Look Like Celebs

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Wackos Who Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebs

Delusion is a helluva drug that plagues today’s celebrity-obsessed society where fans often spend insane amounts of time and money to look like their favorite celebs (who don’t even know they exist). Strange? Absolutely, but our reality in the cosmetic sorcery age.

Hit the flip for a gallery of weirdos who blew thousands to look like celebs.

Jordan James Parke burned $150,000 to look like Kim K. (which, as you can see, went terribly wrong)

Toby Sheldon spent $100,000 to not look like Justin Bieber, at all, if we’re being real.

Claire Leeson blew nearly $30,000 to keep up with the most famous Kardashian who she sorta-kinda looks like 11 new faces ago.

Nileen Namita spent $240,000 and underwent 51 cosmetic surgeries to look like the legendary Egyptian Queen Nefertiti (and should probably get her money back).

Arizona twins Mike and Matt spent $18,000 to look like Brad Pitt with hopes to make it big, but they didn’t, and have yet to be mistaken for the A-list actor.

A mother spent 30,000 on her daughters Karen and Lauren’s booty shots, boob implants and lipo for them to look like J-Lo. Plot twist: They don’t.

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    Myla Sinanaj aka the ex-girlfriend of Kim K’s ex-husband Kris Humphries dropped thirty grand on multiple surgeries to look like Kim K. No, this isn’t creepy at all.

    Nicholas Ryan spent over $5,000 on Botox and filler injections in his failed attempt to resemble lusted over actor Ryan Gosling.

    British woman Mikki Jay spent $16,000 on a chin shave, two cheek implants and two nose jobs to look like her idol Michael who she now impersonates professionally.

    Great grandmother Annette Edwards spent $16,000 to look like iconic cartoon character Jessica Rabbit (if Jessica Rabbit were 30-years older and menopausey).

    Obsessive Lady Gaga stan Donna Marie Trego dropped over $100,000 to look like her shero and someday perform Lady Gaga tributes across the globe.

    Lisa Connell was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and did what any dying woman would do: Spend $60,000 to look like Demi Moore as her final wish.

    “Kitty” spent $25,000 to look like Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. No, we don’t see it either.

    Carolyn Anderson spent roughly $33,500 to look like Baywatch-era Pamela Anderson and even changed her last name to make her creepy obsession official.

    Deborah Davenport was so determined to look like Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet that she shaved cartilage from her nose. We applaud her dedication.

    Ashley Horn spent over $25,000 on a rhinoplasty, cheek and jawline refinement and chin injection to look like estranged half-sister Lindsay Lohan.

    Rumors have swirled that “Octomom” Nadya Suleman had plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie but she’s denied it despite their famously uncanny resemblance.

    Is “Glee” star Naya Rivera spending thousands on cosmetic surgery (to look like Kim K)? It certainly seems that way. You be the judge.



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