Lil’ Kim Can’t Dance…Anymore

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Posted by Bossip Staff

It’s amazing how far the life-sized ‘Bratz’ doll has made it on Dancing with the Stars but after last night’s elimination, her run is finally over. Hit the switch for more

After making her way to the final five on “Dancing With the Stars,” Lil’ Kim and her dance partner, Derek Hough, were voted off the “DWTS” island Tuesday night, to the surprise of many.

Kim, who managed to wrangle a total score of 52 out of 60, despite a waltz that failed to impress the judges on Monday night, was narrowly beat out by Jewel’s hubby, rodeo cowboy Ty Murray. Though he earned a much lower score of 46, Murray won the competition by surpassing Kim in audience votes.

“I think this is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever experienced in my life,” she said. “I think I brought different viewers [to the show].” Then she replied to the audience’s cheers, saying, “I love you, too.”

After the rapper learned that she is out of next week’s semifinals, her partner, Hough, said of her, “Amazing person, amazing soul, amazing spirit — and an amazing dancer.”

Guess she can go back to barely making her car payments and morphing into an Asian woman.


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  • wtf

    thats bullshit!!!lil kim did good

  • cocochanel

    This dont make no sense. Last week the girl Melissa Rycroft claimed she couldnt perform because of a fractured rib, oh but this week she performed just fined flipping around. She couldnt do the dance last week so she faked an injury. I vote all the time, a black woman will never win this, it is fixed and rigged. Lil Kim was the best they had on there. I am cutting DWTS off just like I did American Idol 4 yrs. ago.

  • Love Myself

    Welcome to AMERIKA I guess KIM got a TRUE VIEW of what they think about her. I saw her and thought she was very good but she ain’t BRIGHT, LIGHT or daym near WHITE regardless of how much Plastic Surgury she doez. This is What it IZ!

  • leelee

    I’m pissed off, Kim is the shit
    she was throwing down on that show.

  • tnice

    Kim u have been robbed

  • Zina (The Original Princess)

    Ty Murray should be a big man and step down! He has no chance of winning the show so why prolong the inevitable?

  • Tiny

    Those names he was calling her were absolutely disrespectful. Somebody needs to boycott him!

  • I Agree Ty Should Step Down

    Did you see Ty’s face when the called LiL Kim’s name they knew that was wrong. Point blank Lil Kim was the best dancer this season and its all because of envy and jealousy of a black woman. That’s why she was Eliminated.

    White people are sad jealous people.

  • ja - nae nae (:

    i was like WTF its cause she black and “abc” is white ya heard

  • ja - nae nae (:

    that dude ty or w/e is horrible i dnt think it should have been counted like that

  • My Love is Like...........

    Ww should demand a recount!!!!!!!LOL

  • TheMan

    Props to Kim cus she danced her azz off on the show. When she did the split on Monday, DIZAMMM i had to vote. Her and her partner were doing some crazy as moves and Kim was on point, much respect to the Queen B.

  • http://bossip Ms. Sanabria

    Did you see Ty’s face when the called LiL Kim’s name they knew that was wrong. Point blank Lil Kim was the best dancer this season and its all because of envy and jealousy of a black woman. That’s why she was Eliminated.

    White people are sad jealous people.
    You got that right!! Hate us because you can’t be us. Black Rules all day everyday!!

  • 2dimplzs

    I meant black FEMALE celebrity!!!!

  • Trina

    We, viewers don’t ave a way to determined what the scores really are on DWTS.
    Lil Kim worked hard, she didn’t bring any baggage she was upscale. The only thing she should have told those old farts: (the white men) was to stop calling her bionic beauty. This is America, they will never have a real women with a beautiful shape and curves. Even though Lil Kim didn’t win, she won in my hert because she was good. Her partner tried had her doing a dance that he knew wouldn’t give her good ratings about two weeks ago.
    That was strange to say the least. Great job Lil Kim..

  • Trina

    I mean bionic booty.

  • Y'all play too much

    jesus man…it was a d@mn tv show, not some life altering, philanthropic event!!! everything ain’t about race or oppression…and i find THESE comments,

    “…white people are so jealous of Black Women because of Black Women Exotic Sin Tones,Exotic Features,Exotic Hair Textures,Huge Butts,Huge Breast,Full Lips,Curves. They just can’t stand to see beautiful Black Women on TV because everyone focus on there bodies,features,skin tones,curves,lips,butts,”

    HILARIOUS!!! how is any of this applicable to Kim when she hates her DAMN SELF…skin tone, lips, ass, breasts ALL FAKE!!!

    i swear if only this bs energy so many kneegrows wanna use espousing stupid sh*t could be used for good….

  • Re (hmm...the verdict is still out on X-Men)...

    LMAO @ Ya’ll play too much

    I see your point…

    Although, we all can’t help feeling robbed when someone we want to win does well and loses anyway…

  • Fresh Air

    Lil Kim did was really good. I voted on the phone and online for her. For those who did not vote, I guess you can’t complain.

  • Angelyc_Aries


    I tried voting as well, but the lines were always busy for me too. On previous seasons, when I voted the line always went through. But not this time.


    She was robbed.

  • Black Pearl

    I was sad to see Kim go as well. The Rodeo guy should have gone home. But, did enough of us vote? I don’t think she was the best dancer on the show, but she held her own. We have to vote if we want our favorite celebrity to stay in the contest.

    Someone mentioned that they voted 60 times. Please tell me how did you do that, because, I only got 5 votes per vote and 5 online votes.

    I really feel that some of us, not all of us, complain more than we actually vote.

    I don’t think that she would have won, but she did go home too soon.

  • Black Pearl

    Oops! I meant I only had the chance to vote 5 times on the phone and 5 votes online.

  • ImEngaged!!!

    She was really good. She had me shocked I didn’t know she had it in her. Too bad she was eliminated

  • big mama

    well not every time. We do have an African American Pres.

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